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The Biggest Mobile Tech Trends of the Summer


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Mobile technology has proven to be an unstoppable force in every significant industry — from healthcare to hospitality. Within a short amount of time, smartphones and mobile devices have changed the way we communicate with those around us and how we engage in business.

As the summer gets underway, mobile technology is showing no signs of slowing down. New advancements are underway and are making their mark on the current consumer landscape. These developments are a significant part of the future of modern technology.

Let’s explore the most significant mobile tech trends of the summer.

The Rise of 5G

Mobile networks are introducing more users to 5G — the fifth-generation network. This wireless technology is the latest global standard after 4G and is designed to connect nearly every device together. 5G promises increased data speeds, significantly low latency, more availability, and an advanced network capacity.

Over a billion users had access to 5G capabilities in 2020, and the number is expected to rise in 2021. As this technology continues to increase in popularity and influence, mobile devices will have the ability to connect with multiple embedded sensors, allowing data rates to lower and provide more affordable connectivity results.

Android’s Instant Apps

Instant gratification isn’t uncommon in the world of mobile technology, but Android has taken it a step further with their revealed instant apps. As the name suggests, these apps run instantly, without the need to download the program. This type of mobile technology will allow an Android user to run the app and explore its features without downloading it onto their device.

Its goal is to increase engagement and offer a more seamless user experience. Developing this type of app requires careful attention and planning. That’s why professional development agencies like Guaraná Technologies recommend working closely with an experienced developer — to ensure your app is produced to the highest quality. If users have a challenging experience navigating your instant app, they’re likely going to abandon it altogether.

Advancements in Transportation

In today’s society, we’re more mobile than ever — from daily commutes to international travel, collectively, we’re always on the go. Mobile app developers are wise to this development and have eagerly jumped on board.

You’re likely already familiar with ride-sharing apps, which have continued to rise in popularity over the last few years. What we’re seeing this year is the development of unique transportation apps tailored to less conventional modes of transportation. Bike and scooter rentals are among the new products, with multiple apps available that let users find public bikes or electric scooters in their area.

While this mobile technology is relatively new, it’s showing promise in several metropolitan markets. The goal of these apps is to diversify the options available to users to get around their city.

Developers looking to make their mark on any of these new trends should look closely at what’s already on the market to identify its strengths and weaknesses — and closely examine what consumers want in their mobile applications.

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