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The Ten Most Influential Women in Tech who Changed the World


In ancient times when we talk about women, they were only mothers, sisters, and wives. Not more than that. However, with the changing times, women have proven their ability to change and make a difference in this world. You will read the following content about influential women who had and are still making a change to the society.

Not just me, but almost everyone knows that there is not an industry where males are dominated. Still, as times change, there are policies regarding gender equality, which helps women make their way in any industry. And for this fact, let’s talk about the tech industry. In which several talented, extraordinary, and influential women have proven their position.

As reported by Ghostwriting Services providers team, There are many occasions in the history of humankind in which no men but women were able to find a significant breakthrough that was impossible for humanity. That breakthrough proved outstanding for their entire past, present, and the future human race.

Reshma Saujani:

The first influential women in the tech industry is Reshma Saujani. She is the CEO and founder of “Girls Who Code.” Apart from this, she is known as one of the New York Times’ bestsellers, and she is also known for her well-known TED Talk, “Teach girls bravery, not perfection.” She is a daughter of a refugee, graduated from Yale Law School and Harvard University. Besides this, in 2010, she was the first India-American female to run for Congress.

Before making a change to the world, she said, “I found the best method to do that is by creating opportunities for women.” In 2012, she started her nonprofit organization, named “Girls Who Code.” She aimed to increase the number of job opportunities for females in the field of computer science.

Susan Wojcicki:

The second influential women. She is currently the CEO of YouTube. She was initially the marketing manager and sixteenth employee of Google. She contributed to the creation and development of Google AdSense and Images, which led to her rose up to her position in Google. She was the native of Silicon Valley and the mother of five children who eventually gave the idea regarding YouTube, which lead to her being the CEO of YouTube in 2014.

Working in Silicon Valley and being a women employee of the tech industry, she said, “Tech is a great force that will change our world in ways we can’t anticipate. However, that force is only 20 to 30% women, which is a problem.”

Ellen K. Pao: 

The third influential women. She is the co-founder and CEO of Project Include. The listed top women in the tech industry cannot be created without Ellen K. Pao’s name. She served as the CEO of Reddit before co-founding the project include. Project Include is a nonprofit organization that gives importance to improve diversity in the tech industry. She usually speaks of issues like sexism in Silicon Valley.  Pao came to the public in 2012, when she filled a case of about $16 million against her former employee relating gender discrimination.

Danah Boyd:

She is the fourth influential women. She studied at MIT, Brown, and Berkeley. She is the founder and president of Data and society. She is locally and internationally recognized leader and scholar, who initiated her own research institute to speak regarding the legal and ethical implication of developing technologies.

She shared her experienced and due to this experience she started her own research center as once her high school classmate said that girls cannot study science. From their onwards she set her journey to proven not only that boy but all those who have a mindset like this.

Kimberly Bryant:

The fifth influential women. She is the founder and CEO of “Black Girls Code.” She used up all of her fortunate to start her nonprofit organization “Black Girl Code” in 2011.  She lived near the Bay area where she had to struggle a lot to distinguish a diverse computer programming for her daughter. This was the reason which inspired her in the creation of her organization and she made a mission to teach millions of girls regardless any religion, color, cast, and sect about coding.

Apart from this when she was completed her education in electrical engineering, she said, “ I do not want make daughter feel culturally left out when she is pursuing her studies just like I had to face when I was young.  I do not want her to give her passion up just because she does not see anyone like her in the class.”

She has also named Champion of Change by White House and Smithsonian Institute have given her an Ingenuity Award in Social Progress.

Kate Crawford:

The sixth influential women. She is the co-founder of the AI Now Institute. She is not just an Australian author, but also a leader on social impact regarding AI and machine language. She is well known for her argument regarding the argument for forbidding the use facial recognition technology.

She helped discoverer the AI Now Institute, an exploration establishment at NYU, and fills in as a senior scientist at Microsoft.

Dr. Fei-Fei Li:

The seventh influential women. She is the co-director of Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute. Her born city was Beijing, China and when she was 16 she and her mother moved to US. She studied Physics and received Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Caltech.

Her aim to start AI4ALL was to make improvement in the diverse field of AI. Apart from this, she is also known for her work on ImageNet project, which was a database of over 15 million images. This project is recognized worldwide as due to this project, it helped train the first computer to distinguish and recognize computer what is in a computer. Likewise, her TED Talk on this project she said an eye-opening sentence, “First, we teach machines to see. Then, those machines help us to see even better.”

Katie Moussouris:

The eighth influential women. Not like most of the girls playing with Barbie dolls, she spent her often time in learning to develop programs on Commodore 64. She was the first female in her high school to opt AP Computer Science, and by that time she had developed interested in hacking. She pursued her passion for hacking and became one of the inventor of cybersecurity.

Cathy Hackl:

The ninth influential women. She is the host of Future Insider Podcast. At her podcast she keep her listener updated regarding upcoming and new technologies which can make a change in the world. She is also a world well-known influencer and speaker who often tweet about all those tech, which have a focus on virtual and augmented reality.

Joanna Stern:

The tenth influential women. She is the senior tech columnist at The Wall Street Journal. She is an award winning journalist who usually talk about consumer tech.

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