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The top five Calendar Apps for your iPhone

by Felix Omondi

Calendar app is one of the most heavily relied on features on your iPhone. Though it rarely gets the praise it deserves; at least not like social media and mobile video games apps. But the value of calendar apps to your life is immeasurable.

In this article, we have round up the top five best calendar apps for iOS. Ones that will ensure you are on top of things as far as your schedule is concerned. So that you never miss a class or meeting. And let’s not forget, never having to miss a friend’s, colleagues’ or that special someone’s birthday.

The bottom line is, a calendar app helps you maintain good relationships both professionally and personally. With a plethora of apps available on the App Store, deciding which one you’re going to use can be quite daunting. But that’s why innov8tiv is here, to do the heavy lifting of sieving through the app store and presenting you the finest of the all, and they are as follows:

#1 – Google Calendar

Google Calendar reigns supreme when it comes to calendar apps rankings. This app comes with a slew of fabulous features including support for multiple calendars, reminders, and events. All served to you in an intuitive and user-friendly UI that puts things into perspective, so you will probably never have to miss a thing.The top five Calendar Apps for your iPhone

The fact that it seamlessly syncs with your Google services such as Gmail and Google Maps, brings you the smartest calendar app in all of the App Store. You can also access Google Calendar across on your iPhone, Android phone, and even the web and still have the same smart features syncing across.

#2 – Cal

It comes with a seemingly simple design, but it’s laden with features that are streamlined to help you stay ahead with your schedule and focus on the agendas for the day for a busy lifestyle. It has a clean interface that syncs with your Apple Calendar and Contacts app. And just like Google Calendar, Call is also a cross-platform app; available on iOS, Android, and for web.The top five Calendar Apps for your iPhone

#3 – Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is the default calendar app that comes in-built in all iOS devices. Through the iCloud support, the calendar app syncs across all your iPhones and/or iPads. Like all other Apple products, the Apple Calendar is designed to have a clean and simple UI that puts your focus on what really matters.The top five Calendar Apps for your iPhone

Given the fact it’s a native iOS app, the calendar has system-wide integration with your iPad or iPhone like no other calendar app could have. And now with 3D Touch and default widgets, you can quickly preview your calendar without having to launch the app.

#4 – Fantastical 2

This app is another great calendar for your iOS device. It comes with an intuitive UI and a host of other nifty features. It also comes with a customizable them that give you the ability to select which themes you want for various event against a white backdrop. It also comes in an eye-friendly dark mode for those occasion you will be using your phone in the night.The top five Calendar Apps for your iPhone

#5 – GradCal

This app is a relatively new calendar app on the App Store, but it still packs quite a punch. Though it has a somewhat simplistic design without all the bells and whistles, but it comes with lighting fast access and a gorgeous interface with text being displayed against a dark background for easy viewing.The top five Calendar Apps for your iPhone

GradCal has limitations when compared to calendar apps mentioned above, especially when it comes to applying different themes. Nonetheless, when it comes with you staying ahead of your schedule, there is absolutely no disappointment from this calendar app.

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