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Top 10 Games for iPadOS in 2020


If you own an iPad then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve played at least one game on it. Over the years, the iPad architecture has improved beyond all recognition. Gone are the clunky, heavy tablets of years gone by, with slow processors and poor graphics, and, in their place, we have a sleek, slim piece of hardware with fantastic graphics and super-fast processors, not to mention amazing sound. Add to that its portability and you have the perfect device for playing games on, wherever you are.

One of the biggest problems iPad owners have is finding games that have support for the device. Most games seem to be made with the iPhone in mind, with the iPad given just a fleeting thought. Things have changed in recent years though and, with the iPad becoming as popular as the iPhone, developers have finally started making games for the device, or at least giving their games the proper support. All you have to do is find those games.

Top Ten iPad Games 2020

Well, actually, you don’t because we’ve found some for you. There are thousands of games in the official iOS app store and a good proportion of them now support the iPad. We had a good look through and think that the ten games listed below are some of the best available for the iPad right now.

Vainglory – Free

Our first offering is a completely free MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. Battle games are popular these days and this is up there with the best of them. The idea is to win, it’s as simple as that. Build your troops up, earn upgrades, and battle your way through a full-on battle arena experience or take part in a five-minute brawl. Vainglory uses the Metal API and is built on the EVIL engine, giving it fantastic graphics and smooth gameplay. And it works cross-platform so you can play anyone on any device. You can download this app from the TopStore app.

Myst – $4.99

Like a blast from the past, Myst has bounced back with a vengeance. A popular adventure puzzle game, Myst has been revamped with new controls specifically for the iPad. The idea behind the game is to work out the mystery of the islands. Search for the missing pages in a book, follow the clues, and puzzle your way out of the mystery in a game that has been described as addictive and perfection. The iPad port is as close to the original as possible and offers stunning graphics and easy controls. And if you make your way through it, there’s a sequel available called Riven. You can download this app from Cydia.

Hearthstone – Free, In-App Purchases

Hearthstone has long been a popular game. A digital collectible card game, Hearthstone has a Warcraft theme and invites players to go to head-to-head, using cards they’ve collected to battle it out. There are other card decks available for purchase but you can just as easily play with what you collect along the way. Work your way through the levels until you get to the Grandmaster league. There, you compete against the greatest Hearthstone players of all and are even in with a chance of recognition for real-life tournaments. Weekly updates bring new content, including events, battlegrounds, and characters. You can download this from the CokerNutX app.

Monument Valley – $3.99, in-app purchases available

Monument Valley is a puzzle game with a difference. You become Ida, a silent princess, and it’s down to you to guide her through the world. It’s a bit surreal and the puzzles are much harder than many other puzzle games, mainly because of their geometric design. As you progress, you will eventually get another character to play with, making the puzzles even more complex. It isn’t a long game but there are lots of side-missions and plenty of content to download. And, if you complete the game, there is a sequel available.

The Last Remnant Remastered – $19.99

Its been more than ten years since The Last Remnant arrived on the Xbox 360 and, many users would agree it wasn’t the best in terms of graphics. The iOS port removes all those issues and brings us stunning graphics in a complicated battle game. It is more complex than many of the battle games available for mobile today, but, given the price tag, it is well worth working your way through. You get a 50+ hour storyline to follow in a game of strategy and tactics. It is worth noting that it is a large game and you will need at least 8.5 GB free on your device but, once you have downloaded the game, there are no further purchases required.

Run Rabbit Run – Free, In-app purchases available

Run Rabbit Run is described as a “hardcore platformer” and it is, indeed, a platform game but it is one of the hardest you will ever play. The rabbit is hungry and looking for carrots and it’s down to you to guide him to them. But things are never that simple; obstacles litter the course, requiring you to perfect your jumping abilities to get past them. This game will leave you frustrated, to say the least, but it’s so addictive that, every time you fail, you’ll jump right in for another go, your ultimate goal being to beat that level! More than just a jumping game, Run Rabbit Run requires you to work out your speed and inertia too, if you want to succeed. The fact that its free should be enough for anyone to at least want to try this game.

Figment: Journey Into the Mind – Free, In-app purchases available

Another iOS port, Figment offers you a musical journey into the human mind. But its more than that. This is a colorful world with a dark side and terrible creatures. Grumpy Dusty, our protagonist, is lost and you have to help him find his strength again. To do that, you play puzzle games, beating them to advance through the game and restore strength and courage to the mind. A somewhat surreal game, it is fun and it is addictive.

Taxi Sim 2020 – Free, in-app purchases available

The name says it all; you take on the character of a taxi driver, traversing a city with no name, ferrying people about. But it’s more than that. When each new ride starts, you get guidelines and some information that you must follow. You may get penalized by your passengers for reckless driving or going through a red light, while other passengers love the thrill of the drive. At the end of the journey, you get a rating based on distance traveled and how happy, or otherwise, the passenger was. Choose from more than 30 cars, and race your way across the city, adjusting to each passenger’s needs.

Magic: ManaStrike – Free, in-app purchases available

A real-time game of strategy, Magic: ManaStrike is a card-based game. You start each round with cards that let you bring creatures and characters onto the battlefield and fight in a three-minute battle. Strategy and quick-thinking are the names of the game here if you are to get the upper hand and triumph over your opponents. With striking graphics that bring the characters to life, you are guaranteed hours of fun.

SpellTower+ – Free, in-app purchases available

The original SpellTower game was so popular, it’s been reimagined and brought back to life.  Choose from several puzzle modes, including Daily Tower, where you play the puzzle of the day against other players, Zen mode, a chilled-out mode where you can enjoy finding new words, and there’s even a primary word search if you want an extra challenge. Think of it as a reverse word Tetris; as you pick your words, more letters appear from the bottom – it’s down to you to stop the tower reaching the top of the screen. For word lovers everywhere, this is one of the most addictive and fun games available in the app store.

Choosing a Great iPad Game

With so many games to choose from, you must have some guidelines to work to when choosing a great game. Obviously, you want a good quality, high-performing game but there are three other considerations:


While a game should have great-looking graphics, it’s also important that it doesn’t keep dropping frames. The iPad packs a lot of horses under the hood, the later models even more so than the iPhone so, if a game works on your iPhone, it’s likely it will work great on your iPad.


Playing games is one thing but who wants to play alone when they play against or with others? That’s the great thing about the iPad; it’s the perfect device for multiplayer gaming and, to be fair, multiplayer games tend to be longer and a whole lot more fun.


Straightforward games are fine but when you add a storyline into the mix, it takes gaming to a whole new level. With a story to follow, you can get more involved in the game, take part in ever-more complex challenges and you can play for hours.

We’ve tried to find a decent mix of game types, some free, some paid. All of these games are perfectly designed for the iPad and offer hours of gaming fun.

Share this with your friends and tell us if you can think of any other games that should have made the list.

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