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Top iPhone Apps for Social Media Marketers

by Fahad Saleem

Top iPhone Apps for Social Media Marketers

A great tool for doing almost from anything to everything is the small device in your hand; your smartphone. You have all types of Apps available whether it is stocks or you want to get some health tips. Here we have summarized top seven apps on iPhone for great Social Media Marketing.

GoDocs Office App

This is the best app for people who have recently switched from Android to Apple and are looking for a way to get their documents working on iPhones. This is a complete Office Suit and it supports most features of Google Docs that other available apps on App Store don’t. Using this you can edit, save, and share your work from anywhere. Plus it supports multiple Google Accounts as well.

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Download GoDocs

Native Analytics App

This is the best app to track your Google Analytics on your iPhone. User interface is minimal yet provides all the functions you need and always come in handy when you want to check your stats/reports without opening the browser and want to organize them neatly.

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Download Analytics


This simple DropBox app keeps running in the background without putting much strain on device battery and syncs all your files across all your devices. There is 2 Gb free storage available initially but can be extended either by inviting friends etc. or by purchasing more.

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Download DropBox 


Scheduling important posts for your Social Media accounts becomes a difficult job especially when you have to move around a lot and do not have time for posting each and everything on all the accounts and that too, on time. This app takes care of the issue by scheduling ( and even auto-scheduling ) your posts for your Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and LinkedIn accounts.

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Download HootSuite 


Google’s famous Evernote app is available on iTunes. This app has been successful on Android and is expected to stay the same on iPhone. Just like Microsoft’s OneNote, Evernote can be used to take notes, store instant snaps, create lists, mark to-dos and much more and everything gets synced to all your devices.

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Download Evernote 

Adobe Photoshop Touch

This is the most comprehensive version of the traditional Photoshop complete package. It provides you both the basic and advanced functionality e.g. layers, show, hide, wand tool and pick and use tool. It has a big size but not if you compare that with the functionality if gives.

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Download Adobe Photoshop Touch 


Post now or post later to your Social Media feature is pretty useful tool of this app. An added advantage is that is does not post your content to all of accounts simultaneously, instead is gives you the choice to select the order and timing.

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Download Buffer 

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