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Twitter launches a new prototype tweeting app twttr

by Milicent Atieno

Did you know the micro-blogging site Twitter was originally named twttr? Well, I for one didn’t know that as I began using the social media when it was called Twitter, but it seems we will never forget that name going forward.

The social network has launched a new prototype app dubbed twttr that it will be using to test beta features. The company first debuted about this app at the recent CES conference.

twttrtwittr will be an experimental testing space when Twitter will be trying out new ideas outside the already existing public network.

The features herein will be tried out by beta users, developers will fine tune it, and when satisfied. It will be moved to the stable channel; the publicly available Twitter platform.

Some of the initial features to be tried out on twttr include format for tweet replies, whereby the conversations will have a more rounded chat-like shape for easy identification by followers.

The conversational view will hide away the engagements, and sharing options among other tweet details. That will be done in a bid to make it easier for followers to keep up with long threads; instead of getting distracted with engagement and sharing stats.

Color-coded replies

Perhaps the most interesting feature will be the color-coded replies, with different replies designated a different color form the original post. You will also be able to quickly establish if a comment is by a person you follow or not based on the color of the reply tweet.

Users will quickly get visual cues on the original post, replies, and replies from people they follow or not. That means you can quickly sieve out the noise if you are following a long thread.

Who can use twttr?

The social network is not availing the new app to just about any Twitter user. Users will be invited into the program, but Twitter will only allow Japanese and English speakers into the program. Those invited into the program must adhere to strict Twitter rules to continue using the beta platform.

Any feature rolled out and tested on the twittr platform and satisfies the company’s standards will be moved over to the stable channel. Thus availed to everyone on Twitter.

The first group of beta testers will get the invite via email sent over the course of the next few days. If you receive the email, you will have to click on a provided link to confirm your participation in the beta twittr program. From there, you will have to sit back and wait for another email from Apple’s TestFlight.

From there you can now proceed to download the twittr app and start using it. It is recommended you stop using the regular Twitter app and instead switch completely to the new twittr app. You will also be required to make all your tweets with the hashtag #LetsHaveAConvo. You can also give your feedback online by filling this form here.

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