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Typing on Giant phones just got easier with GBoard, the keyboard by Google

by Felix Omondi

Most people would agree, smartphones with the really big screens (phablets) and the tablets are good for reading, watching videos, and playing mobile gas. However, they almost always suck for everyone when typing, especially people with small hands.

Such a big screen need a big hand for easy typing, and the smaller your hands, the worse the typing experience. But we can always trust to always come up with the solutions, and on that front, they have upgraded the Gboard keyboard to keep floating around as you gboard

google gboard

credit: Phone Arena

Gboard mobile keyboard has become flat and moves to any location you like. To activate this feature, tap on the G icon on Gboard, and you will see the ‘floating’ option underneath the three dots (settings) menu.

The feature first began as an unconfirmed rumor in September this year, as featured by Android Police. Right now, a lot of people seem to have had the feature rolled onto their phone; Google appears to be rolling it out in phases. So it might take a short while or everyone to have it. That is probably why you will not get any mentioning of the ‘floating’ feature in the Gboard’s change log on Google Play Store, but you can be sure there users out there who already have it.

The floating Gboard works like the floating SwiftKey. You can move the keyboard around once you have undocked it; to undock, tap on the small handle located at the bottom of the app. You can as well resize the keyboard. When left untouched for a while, it becomes transparent to show you more of the app behind it. The new feature also makes the keyboard friendly when typing with one hand.

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