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How to Use Your Android Smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

by Fahad Saleem

How to Use Your Android Smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot
Android smartphones could easily provide you internet coverage wherever you go with the help of mobile network carriers. You can use WiFi of your Android smartphones to turn them into hotspot for broadcasting internet through high-speed mobile networks such as LTE or WCDMA. The WLAN enabled devices around your smartphone will be able to use internet through smartphone that acts as a router. This article shows how to use your Android smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your Android Device

From your phone, go to Settings->More->Wireless and Networks->Tethering and Portable Hotspot. The names of the menus could vary depending upon the smartphones. However, these settings are generally found in the wireless section.

android smartphone hotspot 2

You will see some tethering options. You can also provide strong security features to your Wi-Fi hotspot in case you are in a public place, surrounded by plenty of portable WLAN enabled devices. The network SSID may be given a default name such as the name of your smartphone. You can easily change it. Also assign a suitable password that is not easy to crack but easy to remember for you.

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This method will work with the tethering settings provided by your carrier. You can also find plenty of third party apps that allow you to bypass the tethering settings. However, you need to make sure that you are not violating the terms and conditions with your carrier.

Apart from Android smartphones, you can also your iPhones and Windows smartphones as Wi-Fi hotspots. It is also possible to make your laptop or even desktop with Wi-Fi enabled on it, a Wi-Fi hotspot. It would be unwise to use this option if you have limited data bundle offered by your carrier. Moreover, Wi-Fi hotspot may not provide fast speeds if the network coverage is low. The type of connection with the carrier also dictates the speed. LTE will offer more speeds as compared to WCDMA. You need to limit the number of devices connected to the hotspot for ensuring fast speeds.

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