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Use Floating Translator To Translate And Find Word Meaning

by Fahad Saleem

Use Floating Translator To Translate And Find Word Meaning

Learning different languages might be fun but it is also quite hard; this is where Translators help us out. We have many translators available on Google play which can help us out if we need to translate any word or sentence. Though Google Translator is considered among the best translators but there are also many other which can provide different features and ease. Floating Translator as the name suggests can translate any word you want on the go. It works without interfering in what you are doing, like if you are using an app you can still use Floating Translator while the app is on. It also has a Word definition feature which can help know the meaning of words.

float 1

Floating Translator interface comes with less customization but it also makes it very easy to use. There is an Open/Close option which will turn translator on or off, you can also change the floating behavior.  You can lock the icon in one place by tapping on ‘Blocked’ or make it float like a bubble by tapping on ‘Become Bubble’ or you can hide the icon in notification tray by tapping on ‘Hide’. You can increase or decrease the size of bubble by taping on ‘Bubble size’.

float 2

Tap on the cloud icon to open the window. There you can choose the language you want to be translated. Tap on left or right language icons to change the language, language on the left side will be translated into right side selected language. You can also tap on reverse arrow in the middle to switch the language. It currently supports Arabic, Catalan, German, Chinese, English, Hindi, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Polish, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish.

float 3

There is also a built-in dictionary in the app which can help find the meaning of words and it works with all languages. Just tap on ‘dict’ and select language and type the words you want to be defined.

Floating Translator is still new so many changes can be expected in the future like some widget feature and increase in total supported languages. Though it only supports one word at a time translation but translation is very reliable and gives many choices for one word.

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