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Usernames on Twitter will no longer count as part of the 140 Characters Limit in Replies

by Felix Omondi

Twitter has over the recent years been slowing morphing into a social network that actually meets the demands of modern social media users. Though it stuck to its guns longer than most would have anticipated, current users have tons of words, pictures, videos, and GIFs to share with rest of the world. How do you expect them to do all of that under 140 characters?

Sure, it made Twitter unique, and probably continues to do so, but some things had to give way. First, it was the pictures, and now usernames in replies. These are all the things that counted as part of the 140 characters limits that Twitter, Twitter and different from Facebook, SnapChat and the rest.

It was constantly limiting tweeps; especially when you felt the itch to give the world, your two-cents take on a pressing issue. Twitter forced you to take your time and put your message across in the shortest most comprehensible form possible. It still continues to do so, but albeit with less firmer hands.

Twitter has launched a new way of replying to tweets

The company has been testing new ways how users can reply to tweets on the beta channel. Whereby replies appear on top of the tweet, and the new reply method is now live on the stable channel alongside other new features.

If you reply to a tweet, your username will not be counted as part of the 140 characters limit. Meaning more characters to give your two-cents take on the topic, with less worry on how to truncate your message and a cleaner conversation as the username gets repositioned.

Twitter says the new changes came about from their research and experimentation. The company apparently discovered during early test phase that the redesign led to more conversations and engagement on the platform. Twitter further says more changes are on the way, so be on the lookout.

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