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Virtualbox Guest Additions Download and Install Process (Step by Step with Screenshots)

by Fahad Saleem

Virtualbox Guest Additions Download and Install Process (Step by Step with Screenshots)

Ubuntu VirtualBox and VirtualBox for Windows are versatile virtualization products that can be boosted with Guest Additions The VirtualBox Guest Additions comprise device drivers and other system applications for optimizing the operating system for better performance and usability. When installed, the VirtualBox Additions tools allow the system guests to run faster and better, to use shared folders, to share mouse and clipboard with the host, and plenty more. Overall, it is an appreciated addition.

Guest Additions are pretty much similar to VMware tools for VMware workstation. This tutorial will clearly explain the procedure to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Windows client. VirtualBox can be downloaded from here.

How to Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Windows Guest

The procedure is straightforward. You need to boot into your guest. Then go to VirtualBox menu. Click the option of “Install Guest Additions” under Devices.

virtual box guest additions

This action will pop up a wizard in your guest window. Follow it through. Now reboot and enjoy.

virtual box guest additions

Once you have restarted, look for the VirtualBox icon in the system tray. It’s all smooth sailing.

How to Install Guest Additions on Ubuntu VirtualBox

The procedure for installing Guest Additions on Linux guest is again very simple. You need to repeat the first step for Ubuntu as well for mounting VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO in the form of CD ROM drive in the virtual machine.

You will see a file manager window popping up, depending on the configuration of your guest, showing all the available options. It will also show the options for including Guest Additions for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, creating similar versions for Windows and Ubuntu. It may even include Solaris considering the fact the VirtualBox is owned by Sun. The system will automatically mount CD ROMs and will run the browsers/managers.

virtual box guest additions

You need to choose the right package for your hardware architecture for example x86. Open a terminal window and run the script with root privileges.

“sudo sh ./<script-relevant-for-your-architecture>”

virtual box guest additions

Now wait for some time till the completion of installation. Now reboot.

virtual box guest additions

This completes the procedure.

Some Problems with Installing Guest Additions for VirtualBox

In general, whenever the users click the option of “Install Guest Additions”, Guest Additions ISO is supposed to be mounted by the VirtualBox. There are plenty of methods to rectify the situation.

First of all, if you don’t find the Guest Additions, VirtualBox may prompt you to access internet and then download the ISO file. This might be required to be done only once. You can also download the image by yourself and then mount manually as a CD ROM, under the Settings for the selected virtual machine.

virtual box guest additions

The next time you run the virtual machine, the Guest Additions should be mounted as a virtual CD ROM. To install the Guest Additions on Windows, you need to double-click the executable. For Linux, you have to run the scripts as mentioned above.

virtual box guest additions,

It must be kept in mind that the installation of Guest Additions is even easier than VMware tools. The procedure is fast, simple and convenient. Only a little amount of playing with the commands is involved.

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