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Ways to get the Best Cable TV Deals in 2022


We are living in the prime era of streaming. Almost 200 streaming platforms have surfaced to engage audiences with quality content in the past couple of years. The trends of cable TV are vastly declining; however, it sure is not the end for cable. Media networking companies have come up with better strategies to keep their customers hooked and so is the case with cable providers. Understanding the recent trends of entertainment, one thing is clear that no matter who tries what strategy, it is the customer who is winning.

If you have been enjoying cable TV all your life, you must know the reasons for its popularity: the number of channels and vast level of choices. Finding the best content on streaming services is easy but can you have unlimited diversity too? No.

We know that cord-cutting seems like a good idea to save money, but it only works if you have one type of interest. Obviously, you can subscribe to multiple streaming services including live streaming platforms but that is only going to burn a huge hole in your wallet. So, if you are someone with varied interests and want a plethora of choices or live in a large household with everyone liking different genres, cable TV is the right answer.

Furthermore, the notion that all cable plans cost extensively is nothing but a hoax – you should always calculate the cost per channel and quality of the lineup of cable TV plans to understand their worth. Let’s take the Premier TV plan of Optimum cable as a reference here, it offers more than 420 channels including premium channels like HBO Max, Starz, Showtime, NHL Network, and beIN Sports at a cost per channel of mere 3.36 USD. This suggests that you can get value for money if you invest in services that are worth it.

Forwarding this though, we have come up with an extensive article to educate you on how to get the best cable TV deals so you can enjoy cable TV without spending too much money.

1. Research your options

The first thing you need to do before spending money on anything is research. Researching your options before making the ultimate choice is always better than finding out later that you could have gotten a finer deal.

It is essential to understand that not all cable providers have accessibility all over the nation due to which your first undertaking is to discover which cable providers offer services in your locality. Here, we are not talking about old-school field research; you can just visit websites like localcabledeals, enter your zip code, and check out the cable service providers in your area. This way, you can further find out about the cable plans and deals offered by different cable providers.

Once you know your options, all you need to do is compare them. Prior to deciding on any cable provider, you have to be aware of its services, plans and packages, pros and cons, channel lineup, expert opinions, customer reviews, and its commitment towards customer satisfaction. You need to make a comparison sheet of all the providers so that you can settle on an educated choice.

While understanding each provider, you likewise should be completely aware of your personal inclination with regards to your cable TV. When it comes to cable TV, the primary thing is the number and quality of provided channels.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need an extensive channel lineup?
  • Do I need HD and premium channels?
  • Do I need to add on movie or sports channels?
  • Would basic channels be enough for my taste?

Your answers to these questions would make it rather easy for you to choose a cable plan. The simplest way is to make a list of all the channels you need to have in your package. Once you have a list, you can decide which package fulfills your requirements.

One tip for you is to not invest any extra money to add a movie channel to your cable plan. Multiple free online streaming services offer an array of movies so paying extra for it is just bad economics.

2. Discuss your needs with the cable provider

By now, you would have chosen your preferred cable provider and so you can simply talk to your customer support rep about your preferences. These reps have all the information that you need on hand and can better support you in this decision.

One thing to remember here is that you need to control the flow of conversation. These reps are proficient in selling their products and services and so if you let them drive the conversation, you might end up buying something you did not intend to.

On this call, make sure to get all the information you need but do not make a decision just yet. Inquire about any possible discounts, currently applicable packages, billing dates and processes, channel lineups, and anything else you feel like knowing.

3. Check out the bundle deals

Bundling up products and services always makes room for some savings. Most cable companies also offer internet and phone services and so, you should make the most out of this prospect. Paying independently for phone, cable, and internet is just ineptitude in the present financial crisis.

Furthermore, when you subscribe to a bundle deal, service providers make sanctions for you and you get to have the upper hand in negotiations. You get discounted rates and supreme service for all your concerns.

4. Get a discount

This is the place where you have decided on the cable provider and are reliant on your decision of package and channel lineup. The one thing left now is to discuss prices. All you need to do is call the customer support team of the selected cable provider and ask if you can get a discount. There is always some room for a discount and so if your communication skills are on point, you can win this negotiation.

One rule of thumb is to be polite and courteous while being persistent. It generally works; however, if it does not, you should attempt once more. The thing is that you would most likely get a different customer rep this time and can talk about your situation again. Different people react to situations differently and so chances are that you will be able to get that discount.

The Last Words

Remember that you do not have to follow any trend that you are not comfortable with. If streaming feels like the better option, you can cut the cord, by all means. However, if you feel comfortable with cable TV, do not cancel it; instead, reevaluate your cable plan.

This article has provided you with all the possible ways to get the best cable TV deal. Another thing that always works is committing to the cable provider. If you sign a contract with your selected cable provider, you can get lower rates. Nevertheless, make sure you are aware of the contract fully and can live by it, to minimize any future problems.

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