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What can you do with a Raspberry Pi 4?


Have you decided, or pestered, to get a Raspberry Pi 4? If so, you might be wondering what to do with this small but mighty single-board computer.

Looks can be deceiving; you might think this looks like a basic product, but it is capable of some pretty mighty things and there are so many projects for you to undertake using one.

Here, we pick out five of our favorites.

Build a new computer

Having a computer at home has become all the more crucial for many families in recent times, particularly in the face of lockdown and home-schooling.

With the new Pi 400, all you need is a monitor and you have a fully working home computer! And at a fraction of the price of some similar-spec laptops and PCs…

Stream movies

If you’re looking at that little board and thinking, ‘really?!’ – yep! If you’re short on peripherals and accessories, it may be worth looking at Raspberry Pi kits with displays and connectors.

Whether you want a setup to watch Netflix from the comfort of your own bed, or you’re looking to stream on the go, anything is possible!

Play retro games

Can’t decide whether the Sega Mega Drive, Super Nintendo or PlayStation 2 was the best games console of all time? Why not play them all instead?

More and more past consoles – some not from the all-too distant past, either – are having emulators being developed through Raspberry Pi. Whether you’re savvy enough to have a go at your own emulation, or you want to play using someone else’s, it’s time to dig deep in the memory for those cheat codes… Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A, anyone?

Build a robot

A perfect project with kids who are showing an interest in programming – why not see if you can bring a little android to life?

Whether it’s a robotic arm, one on wheels, or something a little more futuristic, building and programming the robot will give little ones vital lessons and potential futureproofed skills for good measure!

Create a weather station

Great for classroom and home projects, this will build skills in construction and programming, as well as offer lessons about your local environment and how it changes.

It’s perfect for teaching young ones about the world around them and could even be used as a tool in an eco-friendly project as we try to help protect the planet from man-made damage.

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