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Which one should I buy? The iPad or the iPad Mini?

by Felix Omondi
ipad vs ipad mini

Apple released a Mini version of the iPad, and it comes in almost similar specs as those found on the full-sized iPad. So which one should you get; the larger 9.7-inched iPad or the Mini with its 8-inched display.

Before answering the question on which one you should get. Let us inform ourselves the specs they both come with and from there you will know what you need.

Feature iPad iPad Mini
Dimensions (LxW) 9.4×6.6 inches 8.0×5.3 inches
Thickness 0.29 inches 0.24 inches
Weight 469 ~ 478 grams 298.9 ~ 304 grams
Display size 9.7 inches 7.9 inches
Resolution 2048×1536, 264 ppi 2048×1536, 326 ppi
Chip A9, 1.6 GHz A8, 1.3 GHz
Storage 32GB, 128GB, 128GB
Battery Life 10 hours 10 hours
Front-Camera 1.2 MP, 720p 1.2MP, 720p
Rear-Camera 8MP, 1080p HD 8MP, 1080p HD
Other features Siri, Touch ID Siri, Touch ID
Network Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + Cellular Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + Cellular
Price $329 ~ $429 $399


Going by the features listed above, it is safe to say, the iPad and iPad Mini come with more or less the same features. We might as well say Apple made the same tablet but in two different sizes.

Where is the difference?

The iPad Mini has an exquisite slim body with chamfered corners and central home button with Touch-ID situated on the bottom bezel. Your choice of iPad versus the iPad Mini will really depend on whether you want the conventional-sized iPad or you want the new small form factor.

If you want something you can easily place inside your bag and take it wherever with you, then the iPad Mini is for you. However, if you are into the large form factor that enable you see text and images better, have extra space for typing, watch movies and playing mobile games. Then normal iPad with its larger form factor is for you.

The iPad comes with Apple’s A9 chip which is considerable faster than the A8 chip found in the iPad Mini. However, you are not likely to notice a difference in their processing power unless you are doing something heavy like playing games. Ordinary text writing and browsing the internet will likely have much a difference between the two chips.

Based on our review, we can conclude that no one size will fit all. If you are looking for a more portable tablet and easily disappears into your bag. Then the iPad Mini is the tablet for you. On the other hand if you like playing mobile games on your phone, and constantly watching movies therein, then the larger screened iPad is the tablet for you.

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