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Why Instant Casino Popularity is on the Rise


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When you want to have fun, you want it to come as quickly as possible. To hell with any bottlenecks, logistics, and bureaucracies like signing up, confirmation, etc., that might delay that fun even a second longer.

The Advent of Instant Casinos

The past two years have been anything but normal. In some parts of the world, people were literally trapped inside their houses, thanks to the strict prohibitions placed by the authorities. This period saw many people turning to online platforms as an innovative way to do their business, study, and even get entertainment in the abnormal time that was the new normal.

Speaking of entertainment. For the gamblers, the online casinos made the social distancing, cessation of movements, and stay-at-home orders a lot bearable.

However, like with everything else online, online casinos always take new gamblers through an elaborate signup process. You have to enter your email or phone number to register, then upload your identity documentation, confirmation of the details, and in some instances, enable two-factor authentications. All that sound like delaying the fun, and who needs that?

With Instant Casinos, the signup process is expedited. A new user requires to submit just the necessary, and voila, they’re playing the game.

Pikakasinot – The Quick Casino

At innov8tiv, our radar is always on the lookout for new and innovative engagements for our readers. This article is a special treat for readers who love to do some gambling on the side. 

As a gambler, who wants to skip the unnecessary bottlenecks and jump straight into the action, you might want to explore the Pikakasinot website. This site uses instant login, and your identity is quickly verified using your online banking IDs. Your money deposit and withdrawals also happen as swiftly as signing up.

The only difference between this site and other conventional gambling sites starts and ends in the aforementioned. The fun, thrill, and wins of the gambling experience are at least at par, if not better. The most innovative difference between the two is the speed at which one logs in, and starts playing, in addition to money deposits and withdrawals.

For new users, the difference between when you land on the homepage and when you start playing is just seconds. Continuing users will be up and running in a matter of microseconds.

In all other aspects, quick casinos resemble conventional online gambling websites. Including the cashback program, except with instant casinos, the process is faster.

How the Instant Payments works

As mentioned before, funds deposit or withdrawal happens instantaneously. Here is why; the user’s online banking ID is used to instantly create the user account. Once the money has been deposited from the bank into the casino’s escrow, the new users is all set up to play.

Their winning is also instantly transferred from the casino’s escrow into their online bank account instantly. There are zero bottlenecks along the way. You don’t even need to enter (read remember) your username or password for the website.

Wrapping up

Instant casinos put fun first and fast, but without sacrificing on user’s hard-earned money. The data encryption level between your banking IDs and your Pikakasinot user account is up to standard. So let your cybersecurity fears lay to rest.

That said, the next time you have some free time on your hands – sitted while commuting on the bus or train, during your lunch break, waiting on a friend to arrive – just grab your laptop and get gambling.

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