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Why One Should Go with A Private Proxy Rather Than Free Proxy


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As the name may suggest a private proxy will give you many more things than a free proxy can. To be able to understand the differences though, you must first be able to understand exactly what it means to be private. Oxylabs explains it as a dedicated server that allows an IP address to only be used by one person. A free proxy is an IP address that can be used by various people at the same time.

A proxy is a computer, a server, at a different location that evaluates your request for information, such as when you want to visit a specific website, and then it will direct you to where you want to go in the most efficient way possible. On a free proxy other people will be using the same computer in the same way. A private proxy allows you to be the only one on that server at that time.

You should now be able to see why it is better to go with a private one. Just in case, though, it is broken down below in a way that will make it easier to understand all the benefits of a private proxy.

  1. Speed-One thing that can raise your blood pressure is when you are trying to look up something fast but your computer lags down like it is 20 years old. A public proxy will slow down as more people try to access the internet. A private proxy only allows you on it for the time that you need the internet. It will not be slowed down by any other users.
  2. Security-In society today you constantly hear about someone’s personal information being hacked. Most of the time this is done on public servers that allow more than one person the ability to be online at the same time. If you are banking online, or shopping, other people that are on the proxy can access your information. A private proxy is a safer alternative because they are only being accessed by you at the time that you need to put information into the website or bank. If you want a secure, safe proxy then you will want to buy a German proxy that offers it for you.
  3. Reliability-If you need the proxy to work when you want it to a private proxy will give you the confidence that you will be able to turn your school project in on time, or that the big proposal that needs done at noon will be sent in on time. A free proxy will crash much easier than a private one because as more people access a free one the bandwidth bogs down. This will cause an agonizingly slow connection in the least, or it could crash completely, leaving you without a way to finish what you need done.
  4. Anonymity-There is no way to be truly anonymous when you use a free proxy. This may seem like something a teenager wants when they are looking at adult sites, but that is not the main reason to stay anonymous. When you are shopping online and must enter your card number in, a person with a little knowledge can intercept your numbers, and your log in credentials. Therefore, it is always suggested to use a private proxy when entering, and storing, personal information.

If you do a substantial amount of web surfing, online shopping, and virtual banking then you will want to consider a private proxy. Even if you only do one thing that requires the maximum amount of security possible you will need to avoid free servers. Unless of course, you want someone to hack your information and pay off some of your debts.

All joking aside, the money that is required to have a dedicated server is well worth the expense when you step back and consider the consequences that could happen. Do your searches online and find the best one that fits your budget and your lifestyle. Pay for the plan and do not look back.

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