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Will Salesforce Certification Help You Get Good Jobs? Salaries, Prospects of Salesforce

by Fahad Saleem

Salesforce is an extremely lucrative career path with tons of growth opportunities. The demand for Salesforce is set to increase as more and more companies are using the software to manage their sales cycles, billing, quality assurance, customer support and more.

Salesforce Salaries

With 3 years of Salesforce experience you could easily get a salary of over $100k per year.

If you go into the Salesforce Developer career path, you are easily looking at $130k salary range. For Salesforce administrators, $80k per year is normal.

How to Get Into Salesforce Without Experience

But the million-dollar question I plan to answer in this article is: how to get into Salesforce career path without experience.

Would Salesforce certification help you get the job you need for getting experience?

First, the most important thing is to decide with a clear head.

Is the Salesforce Certification Worth It?

If you have decided to pursue a career in Salesforce, you should definitely get a certification from Trailhead.

But ask yourself this: would you be ready to sacrifice a little to pursue this career?

By sacrifice, I mean going jobless for at least 6 months (maybe less or more), or getting a junior admin job with a salary less than your current.

I am asking because most of the people go into career just by hearing buzzwords. They aren’t ready to persist, sacrifice and stick with their decision. As a result, they get disheartened and leave for some other career choice too early. Ultimately, they get stuck in this endless loop.

Salesforce Scope, Expansion and Market Saturation Puzzle

Salesforce isn’t just a CRM tool anymore. The company has made a foray into a bunch of new domains, including

AI (Einstein platform)

Data Analytics


BI (Salesforce bought Tableau earlier this year)

Salesforce jobs will keep growing. The State of Salesforce report show that thousands of companies around the world plan to use Salesforce as their CRM tool or to make sense of large chunks of data.

Best Salesforce Resources to Learn for Your Certification

Here are some resources I am recommending you should check out if you plan to achieve basic understanding of Salesforce.

Trailhead (All Things Salesforce learning. Start spending time on this website).

Salesforce’s own exam guide which provides guides for the test and weightage criteria.

Administration Essentials for New Admin.

Admin Beginner and Admin Intermediate trails on Salesforce Trailhead.

Prepare for your Administrator Exam trailmix

Automate your Business Processes with Lightning Flow trail.

Optimize Sales Features for Lightning Experience & Build Platform Apps in Lightning Experience

Bonus: Don’t forget to check out Mike Wheeler’s detailed guide and career paths on Salesforce.


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