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Yep, PS5 will play PS4 Games Much Better than PS4 [Gameplay Video]

by Felix Omondi

The announcement of a new generation video game console has all along been a double-edged sword. It hurts you, as much as it excites you. Sure, while it means you will get a more powerful gaming rig, it also means you might have to break your bank account in getting the pricier gaming console and start a new library of game titles released for the new console.

Sony promised that won’t be the case with PS5

With the release of PS5, Sony took an unprecedented move and said it will be backward compatible with PS4 games. On paper what that actually means, is that you can continue playing your current library of PS4 titles on the new generation PS5 gaming rig.

That is good news because as you can imagine PS5 library of titles will be quite limited for the first few months of its release. So while game developers catch up with the new hardware and software of the PS5 and release new games conforming to that platform. You can continue using your old library of PS4 games on the new generation Sony gaming rig.

And boy what a collection does PS4 have! We are talking in excess of 4,000 games. So the biggest expense gamers will have to incur in the initial months of PS5 official release will be just getting the rig. Then you can re-download your digital copy of the PS4 games or insert the Blu-ray Disc and get started on your gaming.

You have more than enough time to save up on buying new PS5 titles a few months or years down the line. There’s no rush at all, since you already have a library of PS4 game you couldn’t possibly game your way through it all.

But just how well do PS4 titles play on a PS5 rig?

One thing we know is that PS5 is beefier and more beastly in specs than PS4. So we expect a richer gaming experience in the new Sony gaming rig. Well, gamers at Digital Foundry went out to test that theory.

It turns out your PS4 titles gaming experience will be much better on PS5 compared to what you are used to with the PS4 console. This can be seen in the 30-minute video of PS4 titles gameplay on the PS5 by Digital Foundry.

Confirmed PS4 titles that play better on PS5

They also made this accompanying article on their experience playing PS4 games on the PS5 machine. Some of the PS4 titles played are as follows:

Dark Soul 3

Days Gone (in its PS5-exclusive 60fps framerate)


Sekiro: Shadows Die TwicE

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Ghost of Tsushima (in its PS5-exclusive 60fps framerate)

The video games mentioned above get a noticeable improvement in gaming experience when played on the new PS5 gaming console. So if you have a backlog of PS4 titles that you haven’t ‘gamed through,’ this might be your motivation to go through them, but in a richer experience.

PS5 is the Hottest Gaming Console out there – No, literally! Peaking at 65 °C/149 °F

PS5 is the Hottest Gaming Console out there – No, literally! Peaking at 65 °C/149 °F


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