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The 10 Startups that will be pitching at the Seedstars Harare 2017

by Felix Omondi
seedstars harare

We are now down to a 2-days countdown before the kick off of Regional Summits of the Global Seedstars Summit in Zimbabwe. Where the top 10 startups from Zimbabwe will be going neck to neck for a chance to be crowned winners of the Regional Summits.

The winner will then move to represent Zimbabwe at the Global Seedstars Summit and stand a chance to win the $1 million equity investment among other prizes. After undergoing a pre-selection round, Seedstars World has identified the following ten startups to pitch at the Seedstars Harare 2017 competition. The following are the ten startups in Zimbabwe that will be going for each other’s neck to impress the judges this Friday.

Badala: An e-commerce tool helping businesses receive and make payments online via a Direct Mobile Billing wallet and payment gateway.

FundoLinker: A platform bringing together stakeholders concerned with market jobs skills building to work out a plan on how to meet the professional job markets skills demands and training institutions curriculum. The platform brings together schools, companies, professionals, and donors.

Shirishanu Promoplus: They gave Zimbabwe its first fully cloud-based SMS and social media platform. They say their social network is cheaper and easy to get started.

Equities This platform wants to help novice investors get started on the African stock market. They have simplified the art of stock investment into an operation of just a few clicks.

Plan My Wedding: This platform enables lovebirds to jointly plan and manage the logistics of setting up a wedding. The platform does so by allowing the couple to easily handle matters such as the logistics of setting up a wedding, and the various costs involved.

JMP Africa: This company supplied energy to people living in urban and rural areas yet lack access to energy supply. It does so by offering onsite energy generation solutions.

Commonground: A peer-networking app targetting university students as users. The app allows the students to share projects, ideas, and opportunities.

Tipster: They want to democratize news and how news is made in Zimbabwe. They want to achieve that by putting the power of the media into the hands of the ordinary people.

MyRunner: They established that over a million people in Zimbabwe travel by bus every month. Then they set out to improve how the commuters experience but travel by making it easier and safer.

Munch: An online food ordering company that delivers foods from leading local restaurants to the doorsteps of hungry people that lack time to go out and eat, prepare food, or simply want the convenience of ready food without the hassle.

If you will be in Harare this coming Friday and would love to attend the pitch event, you can register to attend at this link.

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