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You can now do Live Video chat on Instagram with a friend

by Felix Omondi
instagram live broadcasting

Instagram has transformed ever since Facebook acquired it. The social network has morphed from a platform for sharing square pictures to where users can post panorama photos, do DMs (Direct Messaging), show Stories, and even do live broadcasting to the people they follow and follow back.

Well, Facebook has added yet another feature we think will make the platform even more intimated between friends. In addition to the ability to DM your friends as opposed to posting it on your timeline where everyone will see, Instagram now allows you to hold live video chats with a friend. A live private video chat between friends, just like you do on Facebook Messenger, Skype, or even Hangout.

This private live video chat comes a year barely after Facebook introduced live public video broadcasting. This latest addition is a more intimate version of the same, where two friends can hold live private video broadcasting.

How Instagram’s live private Video Broadcasting works

You open your Instagram, you initiate live video broadcasting and invite a friend that you would like to join in. You no longer have to do live broadcasts on Instagram solo, you can have only the people you want to watch the video, watch the video. You can kick out any invited user at any time during your live broadcast.

The invited users will get a prompt to either accept the invitation or decline before they join your live broadcast. This move is set to increase live videos engagements on Instagram; while viewing a live broadcast posted by someone you follow, who is also broadcasting to everyone else is great. Being invited personally by that person to watch their live broadcast is more intimate and would likely spark more active engagement from the users invited.

Instagram, is rolling out this features to all users on Android and iOS starting today. So update your Instagram app if you can’t find this feature just yet.

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