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18 Best Backpacking Tips From Experienced Travelers and Vagabonds of Reddit

by Fahad Saleem

Backpacking and travelling is the single most useful way of learning, increasing your outlook and exposure in life. It’s not a matter of money, or status that defines your travelling experiences and pleasure in life. You just have to be out there, beyond your comfort zone, and things will automatically start to bode well for you. But before you go, you just need on backpack, and some smart tips to make your vagabond experience worth it. Here are the best backpacking tips and tricks shared by the travel experts on Reddit, the best source for real information and pro tips

1- You might have booked your flights weeks before, but it is always good to recheck multiple times. People select wrong dates from the date picker on booking websites, reach airport, only to find out they’d messed up. Also, never book your flight in the spur of the moment or being drunk.

2- You must pack these items along: a pad lock for locking your luggage in hostels and other places, flip flops to get comfortable movement, a sewing kit to fix your clothes or bag in case of any problem, ear plugs to have a sound sleep on airports, noisy hostels.

3- This is the best advice: don’t get caught in the hype of big cities. They are full of people, buildings and pickpockets. Try to see the real beauty and the culture of your destination by going to the less big cities and countrysides.

4- You must exchange currency beforehand, but if you decide to get the local currency after landing the airport, always check more than 3 money exchangers to get the best rate.

5- It’s always good to travel by the bus in Europe and every other travel destination, according to Reddit. Buses are cheap, and they give you a chance to see much more.

6- If you chose to travel by train, don’t be afraid to ask the train attendants any question about the route, travel, nearby food. Most of the times train attendants are helpful.

7- If you are on a train, do not flush in the toilet when the train is stopped. Why? Mostly, trains dump crap on the track directly.

8- Never be afraid to ask your fellow hostel lads, passersby, shopping stores salesmen about any good places to visit, food and other things during your travel. Travel guides are a must but mostly, people are always helpful.

9- If some random police officer comes to you and asks for your passport, you are not entitled to show it. Ask for the reasons, and never take out your passport unless the officer is ready to take you to the police station.

10- You must have multiple photocopies of your passport with you. Use these copies at hostels and other places. No need to give your passport to anyone.

11- Most of the hostels in Europe do not necessarily accept cards. You can also pay them cash. In some cases, they won’t take anything but cash. So ask before you checking in.

12- Always put your money, cards in different pockets. Never put everything in one place, not even in your money belt. I would recommend placing more money in a pocketed boxer or a vest with zipped pockets. It is the safest place.

13- Don’t just hop on buses. Always check and ask if you need to buy a ticket before boarding the bus. Otherwise, you may be fined.

14- Using credit and debit cards is the best option while travelling. But there is a fee involved in debit cards. Whenever you use an ATM while travelling, your local bank charge you some money for every transaction. This way, things could pile up to rip you off. The best way is to use international bank debit cards like HSBC, Barclays etc. Charles Schwab debit cards are the best, as they do not charge you any fee for using an ATM abroad.

15- Always download offline maps like, Google Maps and Cityguide in order to find way and know about locations in case of no internet.

16- As soon as you land your destination, buy a sim that could give you mobile data. In most of the cases sims with mobile data packages are cheap. But do your research.

17- Always pack light. You must have all in one backpack, and nothing more than that. Can’t emphasize the importane of this point enough! Having only one bag can do wonders. Google or Youtube for light packing tips.

18- Always carry a power bank, two spare batteries for your phone. You should not run out of your phone charging if that is the only communication point with back home.


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