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5 Common Online Marketing Errors to Avoid for Businesses


With the average American having more than ten connected devices in their house alone, the internet is right at our fingertips. That means online marketing is more important for a brand than ever.

Although most businesses put their all into digital marketing, some mistakes are often made that can really hinder the success of the brand.

If you avoid these online marketing errors that most people make, you’re sure to see great results. 

1. Not Being Aesthetically Pleasing

It sounds basic, but your website should be aesthetically pleasing and want to draw people in. Invest in a web designer to give you a clean design that’s easy to access and navigate., for example, is a personal injury lawyers company with a sleek website that’s easy to read and a great example.

It’s also important to remember that a mobile-friendly website is key, as many people are browsing on their smartphones and not their computer. 

2. Not Having Goals

Your online marketing strategy should have clear, realistic goals set out.

If you’re just throwing things out into the world with no real idea of where to go, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Make sure the goals are measurable so you can see just how successful you are — whether it’s with sales, organic traffic, or social media traffic. That also gives you something to focus on. 

3. Not Engaging With Potential Customers

It’s important to engage with potential customers. Rather than only writing blog posts and sending out e-mails, make sure you have social media and are available to answer questions and receive any potential feedback.

Customers want to feel valued, so if they’re completely ignored by the company, they’re less likely to want to be a continued customer (or start being a customer at all). 

4. Spamming

Although it’s great to get involved in e-mails and social media, you want to be careful not to annoy customers.

Don’t send out an e-mail every day — send one out on a weekly basis, or when you have something to say.

Choose your social media posts carefully. Social media marketing can often fail if you’re a tad too enthusiastic.

The last thing you want is people unfollowing and unsubscribing. 

5. Failing to Consider SEO

Many businesses don’t know how SEO works, but it’s important to learn — or hire an expert to do the work for you. Search Engine Optimization drives organic traffic and allows your website to rank highly on Google, so people searching for the service you provide or the product you sell will land on your website.

You can increase your SEO by creating blog posts and more content for the website. 

Don’t Make These Online Marketing Errors

Digital marketing is a competitive task in a world where we’re always online. However, if you avoid these online marketing errors, you’re setting up your company for a much better chance of success in the long run.

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