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Threads Introduces Yet Another New Feature to Rival X (Twitter) – #Tags

by Roveen

Hashtags have been a feature that has been associated with Twitter (now X) for the longest time. The # symbol was used first on Twitter in 2007 before shifting on to other apps.

It allows for people to follow a trending topic by simply clicking on the topic that has been tagged with the # symbol before it.

And now, this feature is coming on Threads – well sort of.

Tagging Topics

In the announcement of the new feature, Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that Threads would begin testing the ability to tag topics on Threads. Users would be able to call up the tags using the # symbol, but the symbol will not be on display on the actual tags. Instead, the tags will appear as a clickable blue links.

“Testing a way to categorize your posts with a tag. Starting in Australia with more countries coming soon,” Mark Zuckerberg said.

Accessing Tags

To use the new tag feature, one will only need to tap the new # button in the thread app. Alternatively, you can also type the symbol using your keyboard followed by text, as you would on X.

When you type the symbol, various tags will appear to help you autocomplete the tag you want to follow. You can also create a new tag from scratch.

However, there is a catch – You will only be allowed one tag per post, unlike X where you can use as many tags as your heart desires.

This decision is believed to have been made in a bid to cut down spam and can be useful to stop people from using hashtags to simply try to get more attention.

However, it can be limiting to some people who might need several hashtags when discussing different topics. For example, in an Apple Even, the #AppleEvent is the main tag, but there are always several variations, all of which are important.

Still, this new feature will now allow Threads users to follow topics that they enjoy a lot more easily.

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