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5 Social Media Engagement Tactics To Grow Your Audience



Success starts with engagement. Social media is a powerful tool for increasing your company’s visibility, building relationships with customers, and creating a strong online presence.

In fact, more than 4.26 billion users were using social media globally, according to data from 2021. This number is expected to grow to nearly six billion by 2027, making social media one of the most popular activities online.

But simply posting isn’t enough to reach and engage your audience. To increase the engagement rate of your social media posts and make more people flock to your profile, you need to use the right techniques and strategies.

In this article, we share some tips and techniques you can use to increase the engagement levels of your social media posts and grow your audience.

Analyze Your Target Audience

Regardless of whether you want to boost engagement, increase brand awareness or get more leads, it’s important to know your target group and which channels your target group is most active on. Most people measure social media success by the number of followers. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of followers, but it’s even more important to have an engaged following. Having an engaged audience is more valuable than thousands of followers who don’t care about what you post.

Remember it takes time to build engagement. First, you need to build trust with your followers and learn what kind of content interests them. Once you do that, it’s easier to create content that engages your audience and draws in new followers. The more information you have about your ideal target audience, the better you can customize your content.

Focus on Creating a Presence on a Few Social Media Platforms


Let’s say you are running a small business. To be on all platforms simultaneously, you need to have a large social media marketing team working for you. Most businesses only have one or a small group of people to handle all their social media. It’s difficult to succeed on all social media platforms due to a lack of resources. It’s also important to note that each platform has a different audience that may not be interested in your product.

You’ll be setting yourself up for failure if you focus all your efforts on too many social media networks. Your best bet is to focus all your energy on two or three platforms that give you the highest return on investment.

Remember to tailor your content specifically to each platform. As an example, consider writing a post on social media marketing. Creating and posting content for LinkedIn is a lot different from posting content on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

However, if you happen to have more than two or three social media accounts, make sure to analyze which posts created the most engagement with your audience and which didn’t. If you’re a Twitter user and feel that the posts you made up until now haven’t gained much traction, you can delete all tweets in bulk and start over.

Run Social Media Polls, Surveys, and Contests

You can use contests, polls, and surveys to encourage people to engage with your social media channels. Create interactive elements like polls and quizzes on several social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. These interactive elements can be shared on your profile or placed within Story features. Think about topics that make people feel part of the brand.

Organize contests on your social media channels to encourage friendly competition among your followers or use incentives or prizes to encourage people to participate. You can even encourage them to invite their friends to participate and compete, which will help to grow your audience.

Cross-Promote Content

You can increase your social media reach by collaborating with another content creator. Cross-promotion allows you to increase your social media followers by tapping another channel’s audience. Consider partnering with a company that has a similar target audience or collaborating with influencers to gain new followers and boost engagement.


Use Social Media Tools

There’s probably a tool that can help you do exactly what you’ve been struggling with on social media. Whether you want to schedule posts, design your graphics, or start to engage in social listening, you can find a product that will help you do this. Social media tools allow you to automate posts, plan them ahead of time, and maintain the consistency customers expect. You can also use programs that will notify you when someone comments on your profile and answer their questions more quickly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to get your social media engagement on track and grow your audience, these time-tested, proven social media engagement tactics will help you do it quickly and efficiently. Analyze your target audience, focus on a few platforms, and conducts surveys and contests and you’ll attract new followers and see more engagement.

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