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8 Famous Companies that Let You Work from Home

by Fahad Saleem

8 Famous Companies that Let You Work from Home

Telecommuting is surging with a rapid rate around the world, thanks to the increased digitization in the recruitment domain, high-speed internet, communication tools and infrastructure. Working from home is a dream come true for many of us, who hate 9 to 5 gig, commuting and office politics. Telecommuting is not a third grade job slot anymore. Here are some top companies which let you work from home with the same benefits and salaries as compared to the in-house jobs.

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Amazon is by far the largest online retailer in the world that offers electronics, books, music, movies, furniture and much more. The company employs more than 90.000 workers worldwide. It hires multiple candidates via single job listing, which are referred to as pipeline listings. You can apply for current job data like Visual Designer, Leadership Development Coordinator etc. Some telecommuting jobs might also open in the future.


It is an award winning, technology and global consulting company established in 2011. The company is associated with the professional and personal growth of its employees. The company offers plenty of career development opportunities, competitive pay structures, and customizable benefits package. Current job openings are SAP retail senior managing consultant, package solution consultant, product marketing manager, and much more.


Based in Pennsylvania UA, it is a German company that specializes in enterprise software and related services. Remote jobs are keys to the global reach of the company. It offers jobs in Europe, United States, India, China, Africa, and Australia. The company offers telecommuting jobs in the niches of support advising, software development, and audience relations.


It is a renowned computer development company that offers part-time commuting and flexible job opportunities from home. Some examples of current job openings are Sales Engineering Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Region Lead/Program Manager, Instructional Designer/Technical Content Specialist etc.


The company was found in 1906 and has come a long way now. It specializes in digital printing, workflow solutions and related products. The company contains 160 locations around the globe. The remote job listings include positions like Project Management, research, sales, and customer service.


The company has grown up to provide education at all levels. It offers a great range of telecommuting jobs such as test prep instructor, developer, technical writer, and campus representative.


You would be quite familiar with the Nielsen ratings system if you watch TV closely. It is basically a global measurement and information company that provides its services in the niches of forecasting, and trends in plenty of industries. Some renowned jobs offered by Nielson is field service representative, which is responsible for interacting with families involved in the Nielson TV ratings program.


The company is based in New York and partners with local health providers for offering affordable and quality health assurance coverage. The telecommuting and remote job listings include medical files coordination, care management, quality and service analysis, and plenty of nursing positions.

You should definitely try some of the above-mentioned companies if you are a young professional pursuing yet stress free job.

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