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All You Need to Know About White Label SEO


If you are a digital marketer working in 2023, you know all about SEO. Search engine optimization began as a clever trick, but now it is an essential strategy for connecting businesses with their target audiences. In the digital age, every organization needs to participate in some degree of SEO to find success online.

Yet, SEO is among the most complex of the digital marketing arts and sciences. Effective SEO relies on a number of complicated tasks that require a deep understanding of various digital technologies — and the realm of SEO is constantly shifting, demanding that marketers regularly improve their knowledge and skills.

Many marketing firms do not have in-house SEO teams to offer SEO services to their clients, but their clients nonetheless need access to SEO. Fortunately, there is a solution: white label SEO.

What Is White Label SEO?

White labeling is the process of offering services that are produced by another company. By no means is SEO the only white labeled product a marketing firm can benefit from; in fact, many specialized marketing agencies opt to white label all manner of services, from social media to web design to brand auditing and more. However, SEO tends to be a popular white label service, as many marketing firms lack the resources to provide SEO in house — and because SEO is such an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

The term “white label SEO” is often used interchangeably with the term “SEO reselling,” and for good reason. Both processes involve an SEO firm selling their services to clients through another marketing agency. SEO resellers can offer high-quality services and support to your marketing agency and clients, just as white label SEO partners would. In truth, there is remarkably little difference between white label SEO providers and SEO resellers; to find success in this field, you should research all your options and work with an SEO partner you trust.

How Does White Label SEO Partnership Work?

Typically, white labeled services are offered under your marketing brand, just like the services that your agency handles in house. When you begin offering white label SEO to your clients, they might not realize that these services are not provided by an in-house team. In fact, many SEO resellers and white label partners will have no contact with your clients, allowing you to retain full control over your client’s experience.

Then again, not all marketing agencies lacking in-house SEO teams have the SEO knowledge to sell SEO services to clients or manage SEO projects and accounts. Thus, some white label SEO partners will function as an extension of their firm, helping to manage client relationships and supply clients with necessary reporting about SEO services to close sales and achieve mutual success.

Essentially, a white label SEO partnership works the way you want it to work. You can find silent SEO partners who supply only their SEO skill, or you can have a true partnership with another digital marketing firm that allows them to benefit from your clients and you to benefit from their expertise.

Are There Benefits to White Label SEO?

White label marketing services are on the rise, indicating that more marketing firms are seeing the outstanding benefits of working with SEO resellers and white label SEO providers. Some of the benefits of working with a white label SEO partner are obvious, while others are more subtle; they include:

Adding a source of revenue without radically increasing expenses. SEO services are highly sought-after, so being able to offer SEO services through your marketing agency will attract new clients to your firm. Because you will not need to participate in onboarding new employees or acquiring new tools, you can keep your costs low.

Gaining industry experience without building infrastructure to match. Some of the oldest SEO firms are also some of the best because they have learned how to adapt to new SEO rules and regulations. By utilizing a white label partner, you can immediately benefit from that established industry experience without developing in-house processes.

Scaling SEO services with the growth of the agency. When you manage a marketing service in-house, you need to consider how much of that service you can provide before you need to increase resources like staff. However, when you outsource to a white label partner, you can scale the services you provide with your client acquisition to continue increasing your revenues.

SEO continues to be a critical component of effective digital marketing, and the sooner you find a way to deliver high-quality SEO to your clients, the sooner everyone will experience success.

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