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Alto’s Adventure: Perfect Addictive Endless Snowboarding Game for iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

Alto’s Adventure: Perfect Addictive Endless Snowboarding Game for iPhone


Running games are peculiar of their sort. They are addictive and give us a unique sense of pleasure which we scarcely get in other games because let’s face it: who likes to think or figure out while playing a game? We want games to be straight and simple. Endless running games for iPhone and Android have no shortage. You’ll find app stores teeming with endless running games. But there is a new endless running game in the town which is clean, straightforward and above all, has snowboarding genre embedded in it. Meet Alto’s Adventure, which is now rolling out and getting popular swiftly.

The plot is simple: there is a guy who will start his never ending snowboarding from the peak and you will control him, his speed and moves by taps. The game is for iPhone and iPad.

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You will get coins in the way which you can collect to unlock new levels. There will be hurdles and chasm which you will have to dodge. The controls are simple: you will have to tap for jump, and tap and hold for flipping. Flipping is used for dodging the enemies and gaps.



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Once you start snowboarding, the speed keeps surging. That’s the fun part. The game costs $1.99 and trust me, it’s worth it. There are no in-app purchases, no crappy deals and colorful coins asking you to shop more to get the pro levels. Once you start playing, it’s just your skills which will take you above.

Alto’s Adventure snowboarding game is beautiful when we talk about maps and locations. It is more like the famous game Ski Safari,  but Safari had in-app purchases, annoying sounds, and locks. Alto’s adventure is simple and this is its grace.

Alto’s Adventure is surely on the best endless running and snowboarding games of 2015 that needs a try.

Download Alto’s Adventure for iOS

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