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Android Oreo New Features, Notifications, Theme: Download Public Beta Here

by Fahad Saleem

Google has announced the new version of Android, called Android Oreo. In this article we will talk about all the latest features of Android O, and tell you how to download beta of Android O in your phone.

Perhaps the best feature of Android O is the decreased consumption of resources, which would help boost battery life of Android phones. Google has achieved this amazing feat by making small tweaks. For example, whenever an app asks for user’s location in Android O, the OS gives the app the user’s last location, instead of turning on GPS and feeding the location.

Android Oreo also brings amazing boot up times. An Android device powered by Android O would boot almost twice as fast as in the previous versions.

Google always tweaks settings and notifications in new Android versions in order to keep things spruced up and update, as settings and notifications are two of the most accessed and used areas by end users. In Android O, you’ll find a completely new settings menu.  Google has also updated notifications. Google calls these notifications “Dots”. These dots automatically update their colors according to the app icons. Instead of dragging down the notification bar, you’ll check your notifications by long-pressing these cute, colorful dots.

One of the best features of Android O is picture-in-picture functionality, using which you can minimize a YouTube video to smaller, adjustable screen if you want to multitask.

Android O gives a completely new look and feel, thanks to the small nips and tucks which revamp the overall user experience.

Android O also has Autofill support in order to save your from entering frequently used information again and again. So for example, you’ll get the option to save names and passwords in apps which you use daily.

Android Oreo will let you select text, names, dates, numbers on apps by double tapping the screen. Google has also added smart selection, which will give user different options based on the select text. For example, if you select a number, you’ll get an option to save the contact. If you select a location name, you’ll get options to see it in Google Maps.

Download Android Oreo on your phone

If you want to try public beta of Android O, click on this link.

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