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Apple Watch Review: A Closer Look At Apple’s Latest Innovation

by Fahad Saleem

Apple Watch Review: A Closer Look At Apple’s Latest Innovation

Apple has finally unveiled its smartwatch, much to the relief of anxiously waiting fans. It is referred to as Apple Watch. Apple Watch specs feature a fitness tracker, a mobile payment system, and much more. It is a technological innovation wrapped in a sleek case with simple and beautiful user interface. It contains a conventional knob that is used to adjust the view of the watch.

The release of Apple Watch might have challenged other gadgets to stay in the competition in technological advancement. However, when the Apple Watch was focused deeply by the top designers, they found some lack of essential design features in this new wearable device.

apple watch 1

Some experts presented their ideas that Apple has lost the creative edge in the design of its smartwatch. Apple should have put more effort with the shape, perhaps choosing a “skyscraper” form that would contain the watch wrapped around the wrist.

apple watch 2

Apple Watch seems to be a shrunken smartphones that doesn’t appeal much as far as its design is concerned. When you consider other smart wearables like Moto 360, they are circular in shape. The rectangular design of Apple Watch doesn’t fascinate the users. You will find the computers to be in rectangular shape and Apple Watch resembles a tiny computer, and not a watch.

apple watch 4

The real purpose of the device is not just utilizing the elegance of hardware, but also to employ the software for different purposes. The device provides the ways of communicating with the user’s heartbeat, wrist taps, and a messaging function that initiates a message in the form of a finger-written doodle.

apple watch 5

The mobile payment system is another great feature of Apple Watch that would ease out the method of payment for users. They don’t have to carry credit cards in their pockets now. They can pay their restaurant bills with a mere swipe of a hand.

The device seems to be on a slightly bulky side. It is hoped that Apple will make the devices sleeker in the future versions. The Apple Watch price starts from $349. The Apple Watch review suggests that the first smart wearable device by Apple is good with its features, but the design and hardware doesn’t fascinate the users.


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