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Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager

by Fahad Saleem
Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager 1

Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager

Do the better and more powerful alternatives for Windows Task Manager really exist? The answer is in affirmation as this article will review some of the best alternatives for the Windows Task Manager. The Task Manager allows you to control all kinds of processes, applications, and services of your device. It also provides the useful information about networking, performance, and also the logged-in users. Even with these features, the Task Manager is limited. If you are searching for a versatile and powerful task manager, then you should view the following alternatives.

Alternatives for Windows Task Manager

Process Explorer

Microsoft offers some of the best tools in its Sysinternals Suite. Process Explorer is one such wonderful tool. It is quite powerful as compared to the conventional task manager of Windows. It contains a variety of powerful features for handling all the background Windows processes in an efficient manner. It is basically a portable application. You may download and run it without any requirement of installation. All the processes are arranged in a systematic manner in the form of a tree. It will also give you information about Process ID, Process Description, etc.

Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager 1

You can easily manage any Windows process by right-clicking on it. You can play with many options such as priority, affinity, restart, suspend, etc. It is quite powerful and provides you plenty of information regarding different processes.

System Explorer

It is quite similar to the conventional task manager of Windows. However, it provides information in detail about the processes. When you have downloaded it, you can install it like any other software on your PC. When you run it for the first time, the System Explorer will ask you whether to scan all the processes and DLLs. If you answer in affirmation, then it will check all the processes using its online database of security. It displays the results in your default web browser.

Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager 1

The user interface of System Explorer is very simple and intuitive. All the advanced tools lie in the right-click menu. You can easily filter the processes of system, users, etc by choosing the buttons in the top bar.

Process Hacker

It is very much similar to the System Explorer in its features. It offers you the same tree-like feature set. The only difference between them is the open source nature of the Process Hacker. It is available in the installer and portable versions. The Process Hacker also contains a refined interface as compared to the System Explorer. It is very easy to use for the beginners. It is a wonderful alternative for the task manager of Windows if you like to use the user-friendly and open source software. It will certainly prove to be an ideal choice for you.

Best Alternatives for Windows Task Manager 1


This article listed down three of the best software as power alternatives for the Windows task manager. These software provide deep insight into the processes running in our PC. We can control them as we desire by using these tools.



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