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Best Fashionable Tech Wearables for Women

by Fahad Saleem

Best Fashionable Tech Wearables for Women

It is said that ‘Fashion is a form of ugliness, so intolerable that you have to alter it after every six months’. But this statement falls incorrect in terms of the newest invention called  Wearable Technology which is now quoted as next it in the fashion world. This technology is as astounding as it sounds. Lets have a look at some of the best technology wearables for women.


Everpurse is designed for any woman who is using a smartphone. These stylish handbags work as phone chargers. Further, the handbags do not need any cable or wire to be charged. Founder Liz Salcedo said she was motivated to design a handbag that both looks stylish and improves women’s standard of living.

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 Fitbit/Tory Burch:

Fitbit has teamed up with lavish fashion brand Tory Burch to create a custom model of its Flex tracker for the high-end designer. The slim, ladylike device follows your steps, distance passed through and calories lost in a day. When you sleep, it notices your sleep quality, and you can use it as an alarm as well.

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CSR has collaborated with boutique jeweler Cellini to create a variety of connected Bluetooth jewelry that uses a light to alert the user when they have a warning. These necklace gets connect to the smartphones using a fraction of the control of standard Bluetooth.

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MEMIis an iPhone friendly smart bracelet which uses wireless technology to interconnect with your iPhone. The products’ app lets the user to customize your bracelet. You can set your calls n vibration or for a specific person’s call. It also lets the user to set notices for calendar events.

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This San Francisco-based start-up has structured its jewelry collection with an emphasis on security for women. Cuff, which contains bracelets and necklaces that are made up of leather and metal, it acts like remote controls for the smartphones to which they hook up wirelessly. They let the wearers to send an electronic distress signal through the Cuff app to an approved individual.

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 Navigate by Wearable Experiments:

TheNavigate Jacket by Wearable Experiments is different from any GPS product on the market. This hands-free travel app is created for the travelers who are in search of a functional device that lets the user travel anywhere they want without the need for looking at their mobile device or a GPS screen.

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Fundwear by Wearable Experiments:

Fundwear  by Wearable Experiments is handmade undergarments which are the world’s first wearable technology that lets the personal touch to be transmitted from a smartphone app to a partner who is somewhere else in the globe. 


Italian-based fashion brand EZIO has joined the Swiss-born designer Christian Stammbach to design a collection of Bluetooth watches and jewelry. These watches are designed for women.

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Loni Edward, the CEO of the company says that emPOWEREDbags are designed for the women who have a busy schedule and they can charge their smartphones, Android, iOS and digital camera etc.

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