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Best Free 3D Modeling Software for Games, 3D Printing, Architecture, Movies, Engineering

by Fahad Saleem

3D modeling is the zeitgeist of the modern design and gaming industry. 3D modeling permeates architecture, construction, 3d printing, movie making and whatnot. You can literally make huge amounts of money if you have strong 3D modeling skills. You need to know the good software related to 3D modeling. These software help you getting the best models of objects, cars, humans, fictional characters and buildings. There is a plethora of 3D modeling software, but I have narrowed down a list of best free 3D modeling software. Let’s get started.

Wings 3D

It is one of the easiest yet advanced and cohesive 3D modeling tools you can get for free. It has sub-division features which let you model the objects with all the depths and material design. It also has the Auto-UV tool for mapping which is critical to the exact depiction of coordinates and design. You can import or export a variety of files using Winds 3D. It is available for Windows, Linux and OS X.

best free 3D modeling software 1

Daz Studio Modeling Tool

Daz Studio contains many advanced CUDA-based features which might be difficult for the beginners, but this tool is excellent for those 3D modelers who want to get advanced software for free. It has GPU-accelerated, pixel-cut, Cloud based support for high level modeling. It is one of the top choices of artists who want advanced rendering and photorealism. You can create complete models of cars, humans, buildings, gaming maps and other objects. It is available for Windows and OS X.

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PTC Creo Software

If you are a mechanical engineer, engineering students, architect or designer, this Creo is the best free 3D modeling software for you. It allows you to design and model objects with advanced and in-depth mapping details. You can use the CAD-based direct modeling approach in Creo. You can use the built-in models or import blue prints of machines, objects and tools. You can use advanced geometrical techniques to built a lot of 3D models.

best free 3D modeling software mech

Autodesk 123D

AutoDesk 123D is the perfect amalgamation of CAD and Autodesk tools. The best feature of this 3D modeling software is its 3D printing support. 3D  printing modeling is swiftly becoming the central theme of modeling around the world. 3D printing support for free is nothing less than a boon from heaven.

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This software can render continuous frames and pixels. You can import more than 5,000 models and edit them in order to refine your ideas and lean advanced modeling.


This is one of the best free 3D modeling software. It is easy to use and robust. You can combine multiple 3D models in this software to create amazing projects. It is the best 3D modeling software for beginners because you can simply copy, paste models and images, edit them on the fly, export and import them.

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Meshmixer 3.0 even supports 3D printing and works perfectly with 3D printers.

3D Crafter

You can create 3D animations, 3D models in real time image generation mode with 3D crafter tool. This software also supports 3D printing. You can drag and drop different objects and construct sculptures and objects in this software.  This software is available only for Windows platform.

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Images taken from: Hongkiat

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