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Best New Podcasts of 2016

by Fahad Saleem
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Podcasts are a getting popular swiftly. Listening to good podcasts regularly can increase your knowledge and insights enormously. New podcasts are coming in pretty quickly, so we decided to give you a roundup of some of the latest and best new podcasts of 2016 which address new kinds of topics.


Heavyweight is all about correcting our lives and leaving behind what is wrong and toxic. Heavyweight says: “the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and this podcast making it happen”. This is one of the best podcasts of 2016, in which host Jonathan Goldstein moderates and help people in coming to terms with their past and letting it slide with fun, philosophical depth, soul searching and analysis.

The United States of Anxiety

This podcast is all about American culture, politics and societal dynamics. Its every episode examines what is going wrong with the US politics, for example, how Donald Trump became the leader of the free world, and what factors are defining the future of America.

Reply All

This is a funny, nerdy and full-of-internet-stuff podcast that helps people figure out what actually takes places in the depths on the internet; from Reddit to 4Chan, and helps people in understanding the internet terminologies and dynamics in a funny way.


This is one of the best crime podcasts of 2016. It is based on a true story in which a journalist decides to kill the glorification of criminals in a funny, interesting way.


Reveal examines and discusses subtle but highly important topics like Zika virus, wildfires, public health and safety, injustices etc.  It is not a news show. It goes deep in the details of the daily news which most of us take lightly and come out with social dynamics and quality analysis of human societies.

How to Be a Girl

How to Be a Girl talks about how kids (two to three year olds) can “choose” their gender. We see in the news often how a cute kid announced one day that he was a girl.  Marlo Mack, a nickname of the host’s producer, talks about her own daughter who decided to choose herself to be a transgender.

Savage Lovecast

This is a podcast about relationships. Famous podcaster Dan Savage discusses and guides people about their innate fetishes, kinks, problems about being a gay, heterosexual, bi-sexual and also provides advices to straights.

The Heart

The Heart, as the name suggests, talks about all the matters of heart: love, breakups, divorces, and relationships. It also talks about the problems of women who have been victims of sexual assault.

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