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Best Oneplus 3 Tempered Glass Protectors and Cases

by Fahad Saleem

OnePlus 3 is a great smartphone, which is selling like hotcakes these days. OnePlus 3 has a sophisticated glass screen which needs protection and care, just like any other good smartphone. OnePlus 3 tempered glass screen protector and cases are a must for this phone if you want a long-lasting experience. Let’s have a look at the best of these cases available in the market.

Best Oneplus 3 Tempered Glass Protectors and Cases

OnePlus 3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This glass screen protector goes perfectly with the graphic and soft gold variants of OnePlus 3. This protector has an oleophobic and hydrophobic layer on the phone which helps it guard against water. This is the best case if you want protection against dirt and water. It has just the right amount of cuts and curves to fit well on the phone.

best screen protector 1

Orzly Premium Tempered Glass 0.24mm

This glass protector is made for all versions of OnePlus and One Plus 3. It has full resistance to water and sand, and packs a cleaning cloth, a liquid and other related accessories.

glass 2


PLESON TPU case of OnePlus 3 is a thin and lightweight is a great protector and gives the best value for the bucks. There are different colors available with this case.

glass 3

APLUS Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is  another great OnePlus 3 tempered glass protector which gives a seamless experience to use your smartphone with a protection on. It is resistant to smudges, spots, oil and sun rays.

glass 4

Ultimate Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector For OnePlus 3

This glass case has a lot of strength, and gives protection against water and oil. It absorbs impact and minimize shocks. It also has create cuts and clear surface for daily use.

glass 5

Nillkin H+ Pro tempered glass screen protector

This glass case is immensely popular among the OnePlus 3 users. It has AGC and HARVEs glass technology, imported from Japan, which  has a 9H hardness level, nanometer scaling and good quoting to keep things clean and protected.

TUDIA Slim-Fit Case

This hard case has a polycarbonate outer layer with TPU gel skin, which makes this body thin and strong for the protection of the phone. The layered-structure gives shock-absorption to the case.

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