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You Can Now Know What People Around You Are Feeling Using Google Glass

by Fahad Saleem

You Can Now Know What People Around You Are Feeling Using Google Glass

Google Glass is such an amazing release by Google that it is revealing the flabbergasting horizons of research every day. It is very difficult to think at the moment what Google Glass would become in the future if its functioning keeps increasing at this amazing rate. It has certainly become the topic of debate among the fans of Google Glass. It is serving to remind us time and again that we are dealing with technology, and it could really alter the way we interact with each other. There is a new app in the town that will let you weigh what people are feeling around you. Emotient has certainly changed our world with its new Sentiment Analysis app.

As the title tells you about the app, it simply provides you the information how people are feeling around you. Although, it is currently a prototype released for the corporations only to judge the behavior of the customers. Sentiment Analysis analyzes the facial expressions of the people anonymously, and provides you the views. There could be broad applications for this app to improve the customer experience.

glass feel 2

With the tremendous ingress of technology into our lives, most of us have lost in the world of smartphones. We behave like walking droids with headphones in the ear, and always busy in texting and calling. Culture of using smartphones is really having a strong hold on us.The technology that tells about the emotions of the people, stores the actual photo of the likely unimpressed face once you are facing the sporty Google Glass user. It turns your mugshot into a number/score. It will then rank your state of satisfaction, and will keep the log of it.

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On the plus side, this app will provide you the alternate of the hefty old fashioned methods of filling out the satisfaction cards, or asking the clients for providing their opinion about the company. You don’t need to check your emails for finding the reviews of the client. Your Google Glass will save a lot of time for you in this respect. This is just a step too far into the technology.

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