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DSTV Makes SuperSport MegaDigital In Preparation For FIFA World Cup

by Milicent Atieno

Just one day to the start of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, DSTV’s SuperSport channel has joined the largest football extravaganza aimed at bringing to the viewers Augmented reality. That will encompass real-time social engagement, live streaming, behind the scene’s pictures and match analysis by DSTV’s SuperSport expert panel that will include Manchester United Assistant Manager, Ryan Giggs.

zDSTV has promised to deliver to viewers engaging and interactive contents across its multiple platforms beyond the live broadcast over the DSTV set-top box. SuperSport’s Acting CEO, Brandon Foot said, “SuperSport will be placing a major emphasis on its digital platforms in the build-up and duration of the FIFA World Cup. We appreciate the need to supply fans with the most engaging, interactive, up-to-date and shareable content in the quickest time. Fortunately, we have the team and platforms to deliver a world-class digital offering for the world’s largest tournament.”

SuperSport’s social media accounts will play a huge role in this strategy and is set to engage with over 5.5 million fan base across Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. SuperSport is also set to take its broadcasting of the game a notch higher, by incorporating high-end graphics and 3D representation of the stadiums. Enabling experts to analyse each game like never before. It will be the first time such a broadcasting technology will be used on the continent.

DSTV is set to run two digital campaigns during the World Cup that will ensure SuperSport is always in the minds of the viewers. One campaign will focus on creating awareness by promoting SuperSport’s evocative FIFA World Cup campaigns through its YouTube channel and transmitting the content to various industry leaders and social influencers. The result of which will be to create awareness and talkability of SuperSport’s attributes.

The other campaign will be focusing on social engagement and generating contents during important matches. The idea will be to create a second screen experience with the use of action imagery to compliment the live events that can be used to create fan engagement and enable them to share content.

DSTV Makes SuperSport MegaDigital In Preparation For FIFA World Cup

SuperSport also promises viewers behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from its world-class panel of experts which will include Giggs, former star John Barnes and Premier League host John Dykes. Like all other SuperSports productions, social media users will be able to engage with the studio panellist and the live broadcast show by simply using the hashtag #SSFootball.

Viewers can also visit the SuperSport website from their mobile and desktop. The website will dedicate the FIFA World Cup its own section that will have exhaustive analysis of each aspect of the events, which will include up-to-the minute news, live streaming, highlights, team profiles, player, cities, stadiums, players, teams, and matches. The SuperSport app that supports iOS and Android devices has also been updated. Premium subscribers will simply log into their DSTV Connects Accounts and be able to catch all the live-streaming on all the FIFA World Cup matches. The app will also give users news, video highlights, fixtures and social engagement among other things.

DSTV Premium subscribers using the PVR can view match highlights on the DSTV Catch-Up service, while subscribers using the new Explora PVR will be given a treat of an extended Catch-Up content reaching up to 20 hours of sports content at any time during the event. It will also include multiple duration match highlights, historical World Cup matches, Brazilian contents and full length matches On Demand beginning from the quarter finals onwards.

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