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Focusbook: Chrome Extension That Stops You From Wasting Time on Facebook

by Fahad Saleem

Do you want to get free of Facebook addiction? You spend hours pointlessly surfing through people’s walls, watching useless cat videos and funny GIFs? Time is the single most important asset you have. Addictions are hard to let go. Facebook addiction is one of the most strongest habit people have developed these days. We all need some motivation, a constant dose of reminder to make us save our time. Well, I guess there is a great Chrome extension in town to let you fight your Facebook addiction. Meet “Focusbook”, a free Chrome extension to get rid of Facebook addiction.

Stop Wasting Time on Facebook using this Free Extension

So how exactly does Focusbook saves your time. The idea is simple: you install Focusbook in your Chrome and every time you are going to open Facebook, there will be a pop-up asking you the purposes of the Facebook session. You will type quickly why you are going to Facebook. After a while, when the addiction kicks in again, you open Facebook again and the pop-up of Focusbook will remind you that you have recently visited Facebook and there is no point of doing that again.

facebook addiction 1

Trust me, these simple reminders are enough to make us feel guilty of our useless internet addictions. Whenever you see the pop-up, you will come to realize the importance of time. On top of that, you will develop a habit of visiting Facebook only for a purpose. For example, you will set the limit of opening Facebook only two times in a day, in the morning to, for example, see the news and trending stuff and in the in the evening to see what your friends are up to. This way, you will save yourself from hours of wasted time.

Do you know the best part of this extension? When you do not type the exact purpose of your visit, there is a blue mist which starts covering your Facebook screen. Eventually, all of your screen will be covered by the blue color and you will have no option but to either write the purpose or close Facebook.

facebook addiction 3

When you type the purpose of your visit to Facebook, the extension saves it and then reminds you will a bold language to make you shut down Facebook and go back to work.

facebook addiction 2

Do you find this extension helpful? Let us know what strategies you use to stay focused on work for productivity in this era of distractions.

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