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Fix Buzzing in Headphones When Plugged in PC, Speakers Jack [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Headphones buzzing and producing annoying sounds in ears while playing games or listening to music is a problem plaguing thousands of users. Many users have reported that when they plug the same headphones in another machine, the annoying buzz sound stops. That means the headphones are working perfectly and there is some problem in headphone jack which gives buzz or some software issue. You can fix buzzing in headphones when plugged in PC or speakers issue in Windows or Mac by a lot of ways and I am going to show you these ways in this article.

Fix Buzzing in Headphones While Playing Games, Watching Videos, Music in PC and laptop

Plug Headphone Directly in PC

Firstly, if you are using headphones in such a way that you connect them to speakers and not directly to the PC, I would suggest connecting headphones directly to the PC. Remove the speakers from the way and put the headphone cable directly in jack of your computer or laptop. You will see that the buzzing sound gets removed completely. This is because the speakers and PC jacks have different line levels. Also, try plugging the headphone cable in different audio ports of your PC. If this problem is not solved, move on to the next solution.

Change Mouse Ports

While it may sound strange, try plugging in the Mouse cable in different ports, away from the 3.5mm audio input jack. It’s all about hardware when it comes to jack buzzing. Some users were able to fix buzzing headphones issue when they plugged the mouse cable in different ports.

Change Sound and Mic Settings

If you are a Windows user, right click on the speaker icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on “Recording Devices”

Double click on the “Microphone” option as shown in the image below.

fix headphone buzzing 1

fix headphone buzzing 2a

Go to the “Enhancement” tab and then check the “Acoustic Echo Cancellation”. This option will cancel all the echo sounds being produced by either software or hardware. You will feel a much better sound in headphones after this. You can also use noise suppression option.

fix headphone buzzing 3

Note: The enhancement tab is only for the Realtek devices with 3.5mm audiojack.

Change Power Source of PC

Another great and strange way to fix buzzing in headphones is the changing the power source. It apparently makes no sense, but if you are using the same power chord or extension wire socket for your PC, you will face the buzzing sound. If you put the PC power source in an extension, you will face the buzzing sounds. Just put the power plug or cable of your PC into a direct power source instead of extension and you will see that there is no more buzzing sound of headphones.

fix headphone buzzing 3

That’s it. These were some of the ways to fix buzzing in headphones when plugged in PC, laptop jack while playing games or watching movies or listening to music. If you are still unable to solve this issue, feel free to comment on this post and I will give you another solution.

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