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Free CRM. Choosing and Comparing


Free CRM programs are actively used for small businesses. Their implementation allows you to automate the accounting of sales without spending a penny on it. They allow you to:

  • keep records of goods and sales;
  • form and store a client base;
  • analyze data;
  • draw up reports;
  • manage email;
  • generate primary documentation, etc.

This software takes care of all the routine work with clients, keeps track of important dates, and reminds you of them. With its help, you will never forget about the renewal of the contract, which has expired, or about congratulating clients on the holiday.

Pros and cons of free CRM programs

Many modern executives are skeptical about free CRM, but in vain. On the Internet, you can download working software with the functionality necessary to automate the business management of a small company, which has a number of advantages. These include:

  1. no installation and maintenance fees, which is extremely important for newly created enterprises, where every ruble counts;
  2. combining the functions of more than 7 programs – a reminder of “cold” calls, sending emails and SMS, answering customer questions in instant messengers and social networks, storing a customer base, etc .;
  3. automation of the main business processes – the creation of primary documents for the acceptance and shipment of goods, processing of received applications with invoicing, a reminder of the shipment of the next batch on schedule, etc .;
  4. providing the manager with the opportunity to check the work of employees at any time and from any place where there is Internet access;
  5. analysis of situations, sales, customer behavior, their reaction to a newly promoted product, etc.

Having installed a CRM system for free, you do not have to use all of its functionality. You can use only those tools that you need, for example, to organize your customer base, manage mailings, and automate sales records.

As for the shortcomings of free CRM, here it is impossible not to note their limited functionality; to fully automate customer relationship management; you will have to use the paid version, choosing from the developers’ proposals exactly the one that is best suited to the direction of your business.

Rules for choosing a best free CRM for startups

In order for the CRM implemented in business management automation to brilliantly perform its functions, it must be chosen correctly. This will allow you to get the most out of it. There are a huge number of offers on the Internet that are distributed by CRM without payment in the form of working options with limited functionality. When choosing the right software in order to understand whether it suits you for work or not, we recommend:

  • carefully read the instructions and training materials provided by the developer;
  • create a so-called “testing team” from several responsible employees who will use this software – different opinions are needed in choosing software for work;
  • discuss the expectations of the “testing team” from the proposed program and their relevance to reality, find out their opinion on whether this software will simplify their work;
  • search together with the “testing team” for new useful features of the program;
  • determine by what criteria you will conduct the effectiveness of the work of managers using CRM and working according to the “old scheme”.

On A2IS it is possible to independently compare the required services by clicking on the “Compare” button next to the program. Thus, on the basis of a visual table, you can easily select a priority service, based on the rating, reviews, functions, product characteristics.

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