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Google Launches Project Link

by Shirley Schutt

Fiber OpticsGoogle Launches Project Link

Last month, Google launched Project Link, a fiber network access project devoted to providing countries with a “faster, more reliable internet” access to the “places and people that need it.” The first step in this impressive project is Kampala, Uganda, a city of three million people who relies on the connectivity of a rather unreliable, pre-broadband network to connect with friends and family throughout the world.

The aim of Project Link, is to build a “super-fast, high capacity fiber network to enable local mobile operators or internet service providers (ISP)” to connect the people and business of Kampala to faster and reliable internet, according to Kai Wulff on the Google Africa blog. As a result of this project, local providers will be able to “offer new mobile data plans, or high-speed internet to office buildings and universities, and support newer technologies as they come to market.” In choosing Kampala as their first step, Google holds to help build a foundation to support innovators, entrepreneurs, and digital learning for all.

Wulff sums it up perfectly:

As more of Africa comes online, the Web will grow stronger and richer from the contributions of a growing population. Project Link isn’t just about connecting fiber cables. It’s about connecting the people of Kampala and giving them an opportunity to contribute to a truly global Internet.

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