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How Does Voiceover in Cartoons Work?


If you are a fan of cartoons and animations, you might be wondering eventually how does the voiceover in cartoons work. Even though time is catching up, and people are growing older and older by the day- it is not hard to admit that you have that favorite cartoon hidden deeply inside your heart and you are fond of it.

Whether it is that soothing voice of a character that caught your attention or that cool voice of your favorite character- all of those are voiced by a specific person. Sometimes, multiple voices of characters are voiced by a single person. It is an amazing feat, right?

The voice is one of the aspects that the audience looks at when it comes to cartoons and animations. You would not want to hear an unfit voice for the personality and, sometimes, the look of the character. Their voice should be in sync with the character.

Every character should have the right and appropriate voice actor/actress for them. In this article, how does the voiceover work in cartoons will be discussed?

Voiceover or Animations First?

If you have one of your favorite cartoons coming up soon, the first thing that you may ask is voiceover or animations are done first.

The answer to that is frequently, voiceovers come up first. This is the reason why it is important for a voice actor to have a wide imagination. In order to vocalize it, they must imagine themselves in that kind of situation to act it out better. Or it is important to look at a certain picture to portray the feelings of the character through their voice.

They also consider doing research about the pronunciation of the script, the company they are working for, and a lot more. It is about getting into ‘character’. Voice artists have the primary ability to execute several different styles of character voices with animation.

You will find that voice artists are not only hired for voicing one character but with several as well. That is why it is vital to be able to adapt and have a variety of voices. Improvisation also requires additional voiceover work.

Is It Easy To Do Voiceover?

Maybe you have that particular line that your favorite character has gotten into you. And because it is catchy, sometimes you even try to imitate it. It is a bit amusing to think of, but don’t get anxious about it. Some people do it as well.

Doing voiceover is not just about using the regular voice that you use every day. It is more than that. Definitely, it is about bringing the character to life by the means of your voice.

It is about developing the character through your voice. Most voice actors adapt to their character and are very talented in this field. If you need quality results for a project of some sort that requires voiceovers, you certainly need flexible voice artists to find the right voice actor for your project.

Remember, when looking for one, make sure that they can offer a variety of categories and styles that fit to your taste. If you think about it, it looks easy when you watch it. But if it is easy to do it, that is a different matter altogether.

If you are asking if it is easy to do the voiceover, the answer is no. Why? Most professional and famous voice artists got from where they are right now because of their hard work. This includes attending a lot of voice training sessions and it requires good training and practice.

Most voice artists have a voiceover home studio. Additionally, it is necessary for them to generate high-quality work for their customers. Moreover, voiceover studios are soundproof, contain recording equipment, and typically just a small space. It is soundproof because when recording, it is important to filter out any unnecessary noises and insulate the sound.

Also, there are different kinds of microphones out there that are available to suit their voice. Each voice actor may need a different kind of microphone, and it does not mean that if they choose to buy an expensive one, it means that it is the appropriate one for their voice. They also have their own headphones to see if they are making unwanted sounds.

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Freelance Voiceover Jobs

Nowadays, freelancing has been really popular. Voiceover jobs is part of the list. If you are interested in starting in this industry, it is important to get proper training and practice.

If you are contemplating whether you will try voice acting, then do it. There is nothing to lose especially if you think your voice is appealing and good for cartoons. It is about exploring your vocal capabilities.

Cartoon voice actors must learn a wide variety of voices to create many characters. When you practically talk at a little lower or higher pitch, you will begin to note that there is a slight difference in the vocal range. Many voices in cartoons or animation overlap vocal features in order to establish a distinctive vocal identity for a character.

Although there is variety, however, it is possible to measure a good cartoon voice-over consistently. You must have the same level of sound during the performance when you build and associate with the voice of a character. After which, you must add your voiceover to videos. Editing is one of the things that you must learn.

Voice acting is one of today’s most exciting and fulfilling occupations, especially when you consider the broad range of customers, flexible working hours, and the opportunity to audition and work from home.

How Much Do Voice Artists Earn?

Most voice artists earn on a per-job basis. Also, voice artists earnings really depend on their experience. Beginner voice artists can start up small. And if you become a professional one day, you will earn quite well, to be honest.

Starting rates begin at $100. It can range up to $10,000 or more, depending on your role. This figure is only an estimate, and it can reach higher depending on whom you are working for.

Higher prices may be set by voice artists who have more established brands, higher reputations, and more prominent customers in their portfolio.

And it comes down to trust and confidence sometimes. It may take some self-assurance to understand and follow through with raising the minimum rates and getting higher pay.


Now, you see how voiceover works for cartoons. Are you inspired or thrilled by it? A lot of people are taking a chance in this industry. Because, not only it looks fun, but you also become the character itself somewhat. Also, it is like you can become different kinds of people when you change your voice. It is bringing cartoons a whole new reality.

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