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World Photography Day: 5 tips for stunning summer pictures – and photo competitions for your images


World Photography Day, will be celebrated on 19 August to honour the captivating art of photography.

It’s a time to appreciate the immense creativity and skill that goes into capturing moments, telling stories, and preserving special  memories through the lens and be inspired to have a go.

There are so many opportunities that this day brings! Why not participate in numerous promotional photography competitions that occur each year? These competitions offer you a chance to showcase your talent and imagination, so seize the opportunity and enter your image. Explore the UK & International Photography Competitions for a wide range of options.

Summer provides the perfect backdrop for photography, with longer daylight hours and a wealth of outdoor activities.

Whether you’re capturing vacation memories, exploring new destinations, embarking on thrilling adventures, or enjoying beach time, here are 5 expert tips from the team at Zhiyun, manufacturer of camera and smartphone stabilisers and lights, to help you elevate your summer photography and maybe inspire you to enter some awards:

the golden hours of late afternoon cast a gentle, warm diffused glow

Harness the power of natural light

Use bright daylight as a natural light source to enhance your photos. Don’t be afraid to explore different compositions and perspectives to make the most of the natural light and add depth and interest to your photos.

Experiment with different angles and orientations to achieve desired lighting effects – depending on the time of day, morning or late afternoon, each comes with its own tones and hues.

For instance, timing your shoots during the golden hours of late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky, can result in beautifully lit photos that have a warm and diffused glow (see the image above).

Pay attention to the direction of the light source to create different moods and textures in your images. You can also use lighting accessories such as natural diffusers or reflectors to soften the and balance the light on your subject.

water adds layers to your shots; the interplay of the flowing red material contrasts delightfully with the aqua water.

Image: https://www.instagram.

Dive into underwater photography

As temperatures rise in summer, waterside locations are a refreshing welcome. Consider incorporating water into your compositions.

Whether it’s capturing the sparkling waves, water activities/sports, or serene reflections, water can add depth and visual interest to your summer photographs.

It’s not only the water’s surface that provides good effects or interesting shots, shooting underwater can be an enchanting shooting setting – see the image above, aided by the ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 compact COB (Compact COB LED arrays are gaining popularity because they simplify the process for lighting engineers to create products that offer the same brightness as multiple LEDs.) light. Explore this captivating process here:

If you’re attempting underwater photography, ensure your camera is properly protected and waterproofed using suitable housing or a case. Remember to adjust the white balance settings on your camera to compensate for the colour temperature differences that occur underwater.

movement of the sea is captured from above to give another perspective

Image: https://www.instagram.

Capture dynamic shots

Summer is a time for the outdoors, movement and dynamism. Why not capture the movement of waves crashing against rocks outside your beachside cottage (see above) – here’s how to make the most of movement in your shots.

Plan your scene, composition and movements in advance, while also considering the background, lighting conditions, and the story you wish to tell. Why not explore the location where you plan to capture that perfect moment prior to shooting.

You want to convey the movement of the scene without adding camera shake which makes for blurry footage.  For ultimate smoothness during dynamic shots, why not use a stabiliser?

Capture low-angle shots for a dramatic effect or give your viewer an alternative perspective by shooting from above from a hill or cliff, looking down.

movement captured of a moment while friends are skating down a slope in the sun


Image: https://www.instagram.

Capture perfect holiday moments

Whether you want to capture a busy marketplace or your friends skating down a slope in the sun (see above),  add variety to your holiday photos by exploring different angles and perspectives.

Capture wide-angle summer vistas, close-up details, and unique vantage points to showcase the essence, landscapes and culture of your destination.

Zoom in on unique architectural features of your destination, capture those textures of local foods, or photograph intricate patterns and colours of your surroundings. These details can add depth and richness to your summer collection.

Take advantage of shooting modes such as time-lapse, panorama, and object tracking for added interest and to tell your stories in different ways.

those interesting images do not have to stop when the sun goes down thanks to different lighting options

Image: https://www.instagram.

Master evening photography

Achieve sharp and clear photos in low-light conditions by ensuring shot stability.

Use a gimbal to steady your camera, and consider additional lighting sources like LED lights, portable COB lights or even your smartphone’s flashlight. Enhance your evening photos further through post-processing using editing software or smartphone apps. The image above uses the light source from the lantern to cast a warm glow on the model’s face. This contrasts dramatically with the grey hues from the evening shore.

Adjust brightness, contrast, color balance, reduce noise, and increase sharpness of the shot to improve overall quality.

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