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How to Hide Tweets from Certain People on Twitter Without Unfollowing

by Fahad Saleem

Twitter is a famous social media platform having over 300 million monthly active users. But Twitter has this one big problem which keeps its ratings down and its user growth stagnant: its timeline algorithm messes up users’ preferences. I come across 70% noise in my Twitter timeline, and the people whose tweets I want to see aren’t found anywhere; In fact, I open their accounts manually to see their Tweets. Twitter’s TL is inundated with noise, ads, promotional Tweets. You can, however, hide Tweets by specific people you are following without unfollowing them. We all have certain people on Twitter who were follow but don’t want to see their incessant rant all the time, but don’t want to unfollow them too. Twitter has this great feature called “Mute”, which lets you get rid of all the noise from certain people on Twitter without unfollowing them.

Hide Tweets from Certain People on Twitter Without Unfollowing

When you mute a person on Twitter, tweets and retweets from him/her will not be shown on your TL. But officially, you will remain a follower of a muted user. In order to hide tweets from a specific user without unfollowing, you can just mute him/her. Here’s how to mute a specific user on Twitter.

Click on the “More” option from the tweet of a user and click “Mute”.

mute twitter 1

Or, you can open the profile of the user you want to mute, click the Settings (Cogwheel icon) and click “Mute”.

twitter 2

The muted user will still be able to see your tweets, retweet your tweets and comment on your tweets. But you can quash all the noise from your TL using this simple trick.

Hide Tweets based on Keywords and Phrases

There is another great way to cut the noise from your Twitter account. You can put filters in your Twitter account which will cut out all the content having those annoying words in them. For example, if there is a silly hashtag going on related to which people are tweeting like crazy, or if you want to avoid all the tweets having the word “cricket” in them, you can simply put the filters and avoid them. How? You will have to use the famous Twitter client, TweetDeck. It lets you use filters by adding specific keywords, account names and more and you can deplete all the noise from Twitter and stay focused.

twitter 3

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