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How to Increase Engagement on Instagram with Stories


Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms, and is known to have more than a billion monthly active users. In fact, according to statistics it is believed that more than five hundred million users use the Instagram story feature every single day. The feature is not just for personal Instagram profiles because brands have understood the importance of Instagram stories. Instagram stories last for twenty four hours, after which they disappear from the Instagram profile. The only way an Instagram story will last for more than a day is when you save them under your highlights found on your Instagram profile need a lot of followers on your instagram account, so you can buy instagram followers and get the desired amount of result.

Instagram stories have become more aesthetic and powerful throughout the years. They make one of the best ways to grow your business on Instagram and help in promoting your brand on the social media platform. When it comes to increasing your engagement on Instagram with the help of the story feature, it involves a lot of strategy and content planning that takes place. You will need to focus on the views and get creative and innovative with the stickers provided on the social media platform. They also make the social media platform a fun and effective way to interact with your audience even when they are not able to view your posts on their feed, courtesy of the ever changing algorithm of Instagram.

So, how to increase your likes and engagement on Instagram with the help of the story feature?

1. Always use a storyboard to create and curate the structure of your Instagram story.

When you create or even design a storyboard for your Instagram stories well ahead of time, you are putting in your time, energy and creativity to bring out the message that you would like to give your target audience and it gives a clear cut idea about your brand and business. With the precise beginning to the Instagram stories, the users who view your stories are able to understand and engage with your stories. This also means that you will see a drop in the exit rates of your Instagram story analytic feature on the social media platform. Offering something different on your Instagram stories always works well with the audience rather than reposting the content you have shared on various social media platforms. It does not have to be just about your product design or your products, it could also be the launch of a new product, the behind the scenes of making the product, the office environment and so on.

2. Writing captions and letting your target audience know when to keep their sound on.

One of the best ways to increase your engagement rate through your Instagram story is to add captions on your stories. It could be a video or a picture, as long as users stop to read the content you have written, this will help in boosting your engagement rate. The majority of the Instagram users will not be having their sound on when they are browsing through their social media feed. This is why there is the need to add captions that will attract the eye of the viewer and make them stop and read what you have written. This helps in maximizing your reach to your target audience and helps in the increase of the engagement rate on Instagram.

3. Create beautiful Instagram stories that will align with your brand aesthetic.

To create aesthetic Instagram stories that reflect on your brand helps in growing your target audience. Having your own unique style where the aesthetics match with your feed posts and the branding of your website is important because this helps in boosting the awareness of your brand and your target audience also starts to identify your style. Your followers soon start having a sense of familiarity and they will now watch every time your brand posts new content on your Instagram stories. While this whole process does take time and energy, it also helps in building a loyal customer base.

4. Using stickers in your Instagram story.

Instagram stories are fun, but with the addiction of the Instagram sticker feature, it pushes the audience to be more interactive and creative with your brand. Using the question stickers prompts your target audience to ask you questions through your stories and this helps you not only increase your engagement rate but also answer the queries of the potential customers. Moreover, when you repost the questions asked by your customers, you are answering not only their queries but also the queries your potential customers could have had in mind. The user who asked the question on the question sticker also gets notified that your brand has answered the question and this also gives you an automatic view.

The poll sticker on Instagram is another way of increasing your engagement rate on the social media platform, because people love polls and using the poll sticker on your Instagram story also helps in understanding the preferences of your target audience. Location stickers help in showing your Instagram profile in relevant region searches and using the latest sticker options also helps in promoting your profile.

These were a few ways on how to increase the engagement rate on your Instagram profile with the help of the story feature. By adding hashtags to your Instagram story, it also helps in personalizing your Instagram story and alerting the Instagram algorithm.

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