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How to Land Spotify Playlist Placement in 2023


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Music listeners widely use Spotify to discover upcoming artists. If you are a new musician, securing Spotify playlist placement for your songs will present them to countless potential fans. Placing them on the curators’ radar will help secure features on Spotify’s famous playlists.

Tips for securing Spotify playlists features

Your songs will experience a significant boost when featured on famous Spotify playlists. Artists can land placements on such playlists if they practice the tips below.

Submit your song through “Spotify for Artists”

Musicians who upload their songs on Spotify should sign up on Spotify for Artists. They will have access to tools that will help them promote their tracks. Besides, artists can submit their songs to curators of editorial playlists. Here are two methods of playlist pitching on Spotify for Artists.

  1. Log in on “Spotify for Artists” after signing up. Then, hit the “Home” button and select “Pitch a song to our editors.”
  2. An alternate method is to hit the “Music” button and select “Upcoming.” Click “Pitch a song,” then pick a track. Provide the required information relating to the selected song. Spotify will request your place of origin and the chosen song’s metadata. Accurately filling in the details improves the possibility of securing playlist features.

Double-check your submission before you hit the “Submit” button. An email received through the address connected to your page will notify you of a successful submission. However, it will be best to remember the following when artists pitch for placement on Spotify playlists.

– Only soon-to-drop songs accepted on Spotify are qualified for the pitch. Check your “upcoming releases” on Spotify for Artists to pick a track for a pitch.

– You can’t submit collaborations with other musicians. Pitch songs in which you are the lead artist.

– Submit your track earlier or seven days before it drops. Early submission improves your possibility of getting featured.

– You are allowed to submit only a song for each release. Submit a song that the curators will probably pick.

Submit your music to indie curators

Search Spotify for popular independently created playlists that fits your music style. Search the playlist owners’ contact details on Google. Then, submit your song with its Spotify link via the curator’s website or an email.

Get placements on Spotify’s algorithm-curated playlists

Growing your followership will make your tracks heard and gain more plays. Your latest songs will feature on your fans” Release Radar playlists. Besides, Discover Weekly playlists can feature your songs depending on each user’s music preference. After analyzing the user’s listening habits, it features tracks similar to the person’s favorite songs.

How to improve the possibility of securing playlist placement

Pitching your song alone isn’t enough to secure a placement. However, driving traffic from other platforms to your Spotify profile will increase the possibility of your track getting selected. Sharing its link on your social network profiles will help. Also, increase your followers count to draw the playlist curators’ attention.

Your followers can help you get a wider reach by spreading your music on social media. Besides, curating playlists will boost your follower base and land more placements on other independently created playlists.

Research Your Preferred Playlists

It’s not uncommon for people to have varying tastes in music. But, when choosing a playlist to upload your music to, you need to take the genre and the content of the playlist into account. Putting songs that clash against each other won’t result in the promotion you want. Plus, if you’re trying to get on a curator’s playlist, you need to make sure that your music is the right fit for the job.

Give Your Fans Some Personal Insight

One of the best ways to get people to relate to an artist is by making them a real person. This involves providing a bio with some personal details. The information should be fun, relatable, and capable of convincing people to click on your songs. Furthermore, a good bio should involve contact information for social media accounts and it shouldn’t be too wordy.

Do A Little Research

If you’re going to create your own playlist, the best way to make it successful is by finding out relevant information from the internet. You need to visit forums, check out social media, and use analytics tools to find the best times to post and the best way to form your playlist. Look for popular artists in the same genre, including their songs on your playlist, and add yours to the mix.

Finally, it is important to always upload snippets of your music on social media. This helps you with your promotion activities. You can also take your Spotify playlist promotion a step further by running paid ads with your link included. After all, you can benefit from playlist placements in a lot of ways, and advertising your playlist only helps to actualize that dream.

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