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How To Lock Apps On iPhone for Free

by Fahad Saleem

How To Lock Apps On iPhone for Free

Ok, so it starts with you handing over your iPhone to your friend to show a single photo, but then, after seeing the photo, the curious soul starts swiping right and left, sifting through messaging, photos, messing up your games in progress. There is only one way to stop all this nonsense: to put app lock in iPhone and lock specific apps. This would hush-off your silly friend to intrude in the areas which he is supposed to avoid.

Lock Apps On iPhone for Free

How to lock apps on iPhone problem takes us to a plethora of tweaks and app that are designed to app lock iPhone, but a few of them work. Mostly, the cydia tweaks for this purposes are paid, and the apps which require no jailbreak fails to impress us. But iAppLock is the best cydia tweak to app lock iPhone and to lock specific apps.

Once installed, iAppLock works as a standalone app in your phone. The app has a clean and solid interface, which just three tabs: Protect, Setting and More. You can add any app, third party or native by going in the protect tab. iAppLock put app lock in iPhone for free for 5 apps. I think locking fives apps is enough, as it could cover messages, photos, games . But if you want to lock apps on iPhone apart from 5 apps for free, you could buy the premium version.

lock apps on iphone  1 lock apps on iphone 2

You can go to Settings tab to add password settings, set delayed lock time. Delayed lock time delays the lock pop-up for the protected app once a single app in unlocked.

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Once you put app lock in iPhone using iAppLock, a pop-up box asking for passcode appears on the screen when the locked app is tapped. This way, you can lock apps on iPhone and no one would be able to use it.

As the iAppLock app works as a standalone app, it has a lock of its own to protect the possibility of someone going in the app and disabling the lock protection.

You can retrieve the passwords for the app or the protected apps from your email if you forget the passwords.

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iAppLock is available from Cydia BigBoss Repo for free. This app the best way to lock apps on iPhone. Putting app lock in iPhone will free you from all the worries that someone would mess up with your private data, messages or apps.

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