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How to Watch, Stream Live College Football Games on Android Phones

by Fahad Saleem

Nothing beats college football when it comes to entertainment, sports and fun. But wait, not everyone has a cable connection these days. Also, most of the college football fans are young students who don’t necessarily have access to a TV or a cable connection all the time. In an era of smartphones, you can literally stream anything that comes on the TV on your smartphone. In this article we will talk about how to stream live college football games on your phone.


No rocket science, no sneaky ways. All you need is this great app from ESPN to watch your college football game on your phone. WatchESPN packs all the ESPN channels like EPSN, EPSN 3, EPSN 2 and sometimes other sponsored content from famous TV channels. You can also pay for subscription to buy more features in order to enjoy college football to its fullest on your Android phone. You can also stream college football to the big screen from your Android phone to Google Chromecast.

Sling TV for Android

Sling TV is the best way to stream college football on your Android phone without a cable connection. It, however, charges $25 a month, but you can pretty much stream every game on your phone without any lag.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra is another free app to watch college football on phone. This app mainly focuses on NFL rather than NCAA games. NBC sports app also streams golf and soccer.

CBS Sports 

CBS sports is another great sports app to stream college football. You can watch all the games live on your phone, and also use website for live scoring and updates.

ABC Online

ABC online has a great app and a website which actually works when it comes to college football game streaming. However, the access is restricted based on area. But if you happen to live in the US mainland, you will be able to easily watch college football games using the Android app or the ABC website.

Fox Sports Go

Fox is another authority name which has an app using which you can stream college football on your phone. But there is a caveat: you will need a Fox cable subscription to stream games on your phone.

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