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Instagram might soon have a native Repost button

by Milicent Atieno

Instagram is the only platform, among leading social network platforms that does not allow users to repost other people’s posts. Other like Twitter, you can retweet, and on Facebook, you can share someone’s post, but not on Instagram.

To repost someone else’s post on Instagram, you have first to download the picture or video to your phone, and then post it on your own IG account. Alternatively, you could always engage the service of other third-party applications like Regram; a very popular IG repost app among Android users.

The sad thing about these third-party apps is that they often come with a premium price for a clean repost. Otherwise, you will have to make do with a watermark of their brand logo on your reposts. Then there is also the issue of privacy. These third-party apps will need you to give them access to your IG account, and you can never be too certain what is the extent of their access on your account and evidently your phone’s privacy.

Instagram in-built Repost button

In keeping with tradition (of Facebook), Instagram has availed the Repost button to a handful of users. The company is currently ironing out the kinks before rolling out the feature across the board; if such a time comes. The thing with beta program, you never if the company’s dry run will be satisfactory enough to convince them it is something the general user will appreciate.

Should the feature pass the test, then all the days for all third-party apps that have been enabling you to repost a gram, are numbered.

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