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Instagram testing direct commenting on Photo Feed instead of having to go to Profile

by Milicent Atieno

To say that commenting on a photo posted on Instagram will be somewhat, ‘a lazy-person type of complaint.’ Though in reality,  you cannot comment directly from your Photo Feed on Instagram. You must go over to that person’s profile and comment on that picture.

However, you must admit, commenting directly on your Photo Feed would be ideal, call it laziness, but that’s the fact. I am sure there are a lot of us out here who feel the same, and it’s not that we’re lazy. We just want to put that extra time and energy it takes to go to someone’s profile into better use doing something else.

Well, it appears folks over at Instagram, are ‘lazy that way too’, and they are testing on a new feature that will let you comment directly on your Photo Feed. All you will have to do is look at a Photo in your Feed, and underneath there will be a “add a comment’ box. Just like what you have on Facebook and Twitter; you don’t need to go to someone’s profile just to comment on their post as is the case with Instagram.

Instagram has already availed the feature to a small circle of users around the world; beta testers if you may. You might be one of these testers, and to use the feature, go to your Photo Feed and stop scrolling for a while when you see a picture you would like to comment on. You will see the usual option of ‘Like’ and when you stop at the picture a little while longer, a ‘add a comment’ box should appear. You can then comment directly right there, instead of having to go to the user’s profile (timeline) to comment.

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