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iPhone 6 Coming Soon : What To Expect

by Fahad Saleem

iPhone 6 Coming Soon : What To Expect

Apple has got a habit of pushing its flagships in the market to keep cracking the nut of the competitors and sweeping the market in its favor of course. We have lots of  good news to give Apple enthusiast in this post. Let’s start with the first one: iPhone 6 is going to be released this year, when? Nothing can be said with surety, but it will be anywhere between June to September, keeping in view of the equal time chunks Apple gives between its major flagship releases. iPhone 6 will be a game changing gear from the tech giant mainly because Apple had a lot of time to polish it back in the development dungeons. Tim Cook, the big boss at Apple has already called on the investors to flex their muscles as something “big” is on its way. Let’s get straight to the point. What will iPhone 6 offer you? We have a preview to give you.

Source : BusinessInsider

Source : BusinessInsider

A Big Screen

After Sony’s rollout of big screened phones in the market which amazed many, Apple felt the pangs for oversized screens for the first time. When Samsung started to doze people with “phablets,”Apple had to take some steps immediately. In order to tackle down the phablet frenzy, Tim has decided to bring it on, and the iPhone 6 will be available in two versions. One will be with 4.8in screen, and the other will be 5.7 screened having an impeccable 1,920×1,080 Full HD resolution.

Amazing Gesture Based Technology

It’s time to embark upon something apart from Siri folks, Apple is fluttering and preparing to roll out an amazing, seamlessly integrated gesture based technology in iPhone 6 and the signs of this were quite clear when Apple bought the company which is behind the Microsoft’s Kinect technology. So you can expect anything, from controlling the iPhone 6 with hands or movements or watching Apple TV with gestures or playing games on your iPhone using Kinect power.

Tough Hardware

Apple has signed a deal with the hardware company called “GT Advanced technologies” and it has started producing super-tough sapphire screens in a special plant located in Amazon for the upcoming iPhone 6 so you will not have to yowl around keeping your cracked iPhone in your hand and searching for some body plastic replacement.

Source : BusinessInsider

Source : BusinessInsider

Lightfield Camera

Apple is all motivated for meshing a state of the art Lightfield camera that will allow you to edit, refocus your pictures even after you have taken the shot. Lightfield camera works by capturing light fields which can be adjusted after the picture has been taken by playing around with the pixels at the end.


This must be the part you all were waiting for. Regarding price tags, Apple is not so kind and this time ,as the gear is all beefed up, you can expect a price tag asking around $800 dollars. But, in case of oversized screen, you might have to pay an extra $70-$100.

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